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Working in the soap bubbles show.
What is it?

Working in the soap bubbles show. What is it?

Today, there are many types of entertainment activities that people can enjoy. The progress does not stand still, and more new programs are coming every day. The show of soap bubbles is already becoming a classic, despite the fact that the genre is relatively young. The first performances in Russia with a bubble show were performed by illusionists in 1967.

More and more people want to work in the bubble shows. They are rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to their mesmerizing beauty. Many viewers associate bubble shows with their childhood, making them recall the most vivid emotions and experiences.
Thanks to the popularity of the genre, the media very quickly became overwhelmed with suggestions for bubble show offers. However, not all of these proposals are at least indirectly related to the real show.
What is needed to organize such a show?
Putting on a show involves the presence of appropriate props: a desk with illumination , smoke machine (Props, Smoke Generator), installations providing light and laser effects, and much more.
Glowing Table
The bubble show is a mix of professional shows and numbers. Thanks to the successful combination of lyrical music, professional tricks and beautiful props, an unforgettable performance takes place on stage.

Some bubbles are replaced by others, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow and having a size larger than a person's height. They form bizarre shapes and figures, causing you to experience real delight, which is possible only in childhood.
Such a tray and a hoop are used for a Human Inside Bubble act
Who looks for bubble show artists?
To find work in such a field, you need to have artistic qualities and have an agency in your city that needs a bubble show artist. Honestly, this rarely happens. More often it happens when in some large shopping center a large game center or game store opens, and there, perhaps, animators and part-time bubble actors are required.

Most often, bubble shows are sold and performed by an artist himself/herself.

We, for example, in Omsk, hired 2-3 artists at once. Sometimes there's a lot of work, the guys are young, some of them are students, others work in several places at the same time.

But after all, not everyone possesses artistry, and besides this, one must possess professional techniques. Otherwise, your number will not cause anything but frustration. There is always a way out, and if you have firmly decided to be in soap bubbles, getting good training for soap bubble shows is the right decision. Of course, different artists may have different props, but what they should always strive for is great skills in their work.

There is another way, and it is obvious.
If you really want to work

You do not have to wait until you are invited to work in a bubble show, just buy the equipment for bubbles yourself (How does a good bubble juice work?) and do your own show. it can even be called a small business.

It would be better if someone teaches you all the subtleties of this business, and if not, then go ahead, you have the Internet and millions of videos about how this is done.
Why this profession is great?
Working in a bubble show implies part-time work. The show itself, along with the travel takes no more than 3 hours. If this is your business, then during this time you can earn about 3,000-4,000 rubles. If you are a hired artist, then 500-1,000 rubles.
Working in a bubble showas a hired artist is also good, you can choose the time when it is convenient for you to work. If you are a student, then evening activities are for you. The children's shows (Scripts For Children's Bubble Shows) вin kindergarten will be done by someone else.
Working in a bubble showis a job in the festive industry.You always look good, you wear a beautiful costume (How to make a costume for a bubble show?), you make people happier. You are in the spotlight.

At a children's party
But there are also disadvantages:
When holidays come (there are quite a few of them in Russia), the events may overlap in time. Then you have to choose between them. There are periods of calm when bookings are scarce. But this is such a subjective factor, since it all depends on the system of promotion and sales.
Sometimes you have to work and hold a bubble show for free. I personally know several artists who earn 80-120 thousand rubles a month doing bubble shows. If you ask them how they do it, they will not say anything that you do not already know. There is no holy grail. They work a lot in sales, marketing, make a quality product, do not sell the show cheap, and also perform a lot for free … Yes, yes, do not be surprised, for free. There are some events where you need to work for free to advertise yourself. For example, mass events, where there may be many potential customers. Take it easy, as if you are working for a salary, rent yourself out. You should understand that only an artist with a big soul who loves his/her work can afford to work for free. Without this factor, I think, you cannot earn decent money in any profession.
Let's finish with the advantages and disadvantages.Now a little about the most interesting thing – about the detergent (Detergent recipe),thanks to which a fascinating action takes place on stage. It is clear that the formula for such detergent is kept secret by the artists. If you work as a hired bubble show artist for an agency, then you will be given a ready-made solution for each show.

However, if you seriously conceived to work in the show of bubbles on your own, then the secret of the detergent (Detergent recipe) can be purchased for quite reasonable money.
It is worth remembering that even if you are not going to turn the soap bubble show into your permanent activity and your lifetime work, it can still be a pleasant addition, thanks to which you can always surprise your guests and family.

Soap bubbles are more than a show, this is a little magic that can become your business or work; create your own unforgettable show that will not leave anyone indifferent.
Bubble show is a popular entertainment show that gives the audience the most vivid emotions and experiences.
Carrying out a show involves the presence of the relevant props.
Artists can find work for a show agency, but more often they work independently.
For performances you need to possess some artistry and be positive.
To do the number you need to own a professional techniques.For this you can go through special training.
You can simply purchase equipment for bubble shows and do your own show, studying the subtleties of this business on your own. And you can ask for help from professionals.
Such profession, as an artist of the show of bubbles, has its own disadvantages (being swamped during the holidays, sometimes it is necessary to work for free), and advantages (part-time employment, convenient schedule and work in the festive industry).
The detergent formula for the show can be purchased for reasonable money.
Soap bubbles are a little magic that can become your business or work.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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