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Caution! Advertising!
How to avoid failure

Caution! Advertising! How to avoid failure

In the new article I want to tell you about effective and poor examples of advertising.
Unfortunately, when facing bubble show online posts, I often see lot of empty talk and boasting without actual proof. This also applies to other areas. Maybe someone has a different opinion on this issue, but I believe that all the written and spoken achievements need to be confirmed. By the way, the federal Law On Advertising also implies that!

So, what words, expressions and phrases should be avoided in ads?
Incorrect comparisons of your show and its components with other shows
The phrase "The best bubble show in town" is hollow sounding without supporting documents. There is no certificate, diploma, passport and other document confirming such superiority, so do not write about it! Can you decide who is better Shakespeare or Dante? I cannot!

And why should people answer this question, let alone read about your unproven superiority? It's another thing, if it says "The best bubble show of 2018, according to the MC association of Uryupinsk town," and the picture of the certificate or a photo from your award ceremony. Then yes, no questions.
Unreliable benefits
The point is the same as in the first paragraph.
Words: the only one, the first, the best, the most professional, unique – they have to go! Again, if you do not have the appropriate document or actual confirmation. Everyone is trying to organize a professional show, each program is unique!
For me, these words in advertising are alarming. I immediately wonder if it is worth going to those who shout out about the widest assortment and show just one photo.
Missing or distorted information
Do not mention in advertising something that it is impossible to count, touch, see, understand. The figures that do not correspond to reality should not spoil your reputation. If there are no thousands of shows, then do not write about them. If there are no promo events, do not mention them. If you do not have an elephant at the show, do not picture it on the billboard.
Good advertising tricks
If you have had 1,000 performances, fill in your album with at least 20-30 photos per each – it's great! The audience will appreciate it. If you have seven years of experience and boast about it, attach links to the photos and videos from all those years.
Are you a record holder – do publish the document on your website, in social networks; make its image publicly available so that everyone can see.
Tell people about your material base, the equipment you use, for example, "I use this number of watts of light", "I use such and such props", "I spend that many liters of detergent during a performance" (Detergent formula), "I use four smoke generators" (Props, New Generation Smoke Machine). But only the facts! Without exaggeration.
The presence of positive customer reviews is cool! This is probably your best advertisement. But they should be collected on the resource which allows everyone to see the reviews. And, of course, you need to have authentic reviews.
When creating advertising, think about your target audience. Put yourself in the place of a viewer, consumer. Would you have fallen for the "lowest price", "the best production in the world" and "unrealistically cool show"? I have been ignoring such loud phrases for a long time.
You can learn even more interesting and useful information at my master classes.
I wish you all good sales, great profits, grateful viewers and success in all your endeavors! And be honest.
Do not use incorrect comparisons and unreliable advantages.
Avoid distorted information.
Confirm your achievements by the facts
Use the description of your material base.
Post more photos and videos
Use customer reviews
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Props, with which the artist looks decent
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