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How to Organize and Hold a Promotional Event for a Bubble Show?

How to Organize and Hold a Promotional Event for a Bubble Show?

A promotional event differs from a regular event in that you perform for free, and you place an advertising medium (a billboard) with information about your bubble show with contact details next to you. If people want to book you to their holiday, they will have the opportunity to find you and call your number.
During preparation, you must understand what format of the event will take. There are three types of promos. The first is when you perform as part of a big concert program at a city festival. The second is an event that you completely organize yourself. And the third is your performance at wedding exhibitions.
Promotional event at the city festival
Suppose you have a day of the city fest. Naturally, there will be many artists. Your free performance will be a temptation for many parks and other different venues. Initially, you contact the organizers and offer them your services: a 10-minute bubble show as a part of the general program. You ask them to place our ad board, or to mention you on their banner with your phone number.

Or you can make a separate curtain on your desk, on which there will be information about you with your contact details. People will take pictures of you, and they will have your phone number in the pictures. It is also very important that you are correctly announced before and after the performance, so that viewers understand who performed and who to look for later.
Self Promo
The second type of promotional event is when you organize everything yourself. You can contact the administration of any park. On a regular weekend they normally have no shows. Offer them your services, that you will do a 40-min bubble show, and then you will blow bubbles with kids. In exchange for this, ask them to hang your banner in the park. I can offer the following option: throughout the entire summer, every Saturday we entertain children for one hour in the park blowing bubbles with them. The banner with your advertising will hang all summer and autumn. With your photo, logo, and phone number.
Seems like a very good move and with the right approach it will bring you certain benefits. First of all, they will come to know you. And secondly, many will want to see more, because you can't show a lot of things outdoors. People will see your costume, props. In general, when choosing artists for a holiday, they will more likely choose from those whom they have already seen in person.
Promo at Wedding Exhibitions
There is one more kind of promotion – a promo-performance at wedding exhibitions. Definitely yes, because at these exhibitions you show yourself not only to your potential clients, but also to presenters, organizers, all people who are in the weddings industry. You need to hang around, especially if you are a beginner, especially if no one knows you, you need to show yourself off. Be sure to participate; although, for such promotional events you are usually asked to pay some fee, but it's worth it, believe me.
Where to Hold a Promo in Winter?
In winter, holding promotional activities is a little more difficult. You have to contact cinema theaters, shopping centers, try to talk with them. It is not always possible to perform for free in very large shopping centers.

They can even ask you for money. In this situation, you might be helped by ad agencies that work with them. You need to search, ask around, maybe on the eve of some holiday they will by interested in a bubble show.
Maybe even at some particular moments, such as lottery draws, sales, children's parties and holidays. You can get there too, and the response will be good.
Do you Really Need a Promo?
If there are no bubble shows in your city, then you can't do without promos at all. If there is a bubble show in your city, but very small and inconspicuous, you also cannot do without promos. Because the market is just dead.

If you do not know that there is another bubble in your city, then, most likely, you will not be searched on the Internet either. Therefore, do a promotional event, it helps a lot to unwind.
Is the Number of Viewers at Your Promo Important?
A very important point. It is necessary that the places where you are going to hold promotional activities are really crowded. This should not be a performance just for two people. Nobody needs that. Except for the park, when you come every Saturday. How many kids will be there is another question, because your banner will be hanging there for a long time.
If you want to perform at a concert or in a shopping center, then you must understand in advance what kind of event it will be. If it takes place on Monday at 10 am, then, most likely, your participation in it is unlikely to bring you a bunch of new customers and some kind of benefit at all. If it is a weekend evening, there will be a lot of spectators. And if it is a day of the city fest or some other large-scale event, then you need to grab it with your both hands and be sure to participate in it.

Also, you need to think in advance what you will show and how often and also what you will allow children and adults to do with your props. Imagine that you are surrounded by a crowd of 30 people. They are not so easy to tear off the tray, and most likely you will lose half of your wands. They will disassemble them for souvenirs.
A promotional event is a free show where you advertise yourself. Post the information with your contact details so that people can then find you and book you for their holiday.
You can do a promo at a city festival. This will be a short performance within the overall concert program.
You can organize a promo yourself, for example, contact a park administration and offer to arrange a bubble show. In exchange for this, ask them to place your banner in a visible place. For example, on the gate at the entrance to the park.
If there is a wedding exhibition, get there to do your promo. Such events yield good results. You'll be seen by potential customers that might book you later. Besides, wedding planners will find out about you. To be known in this industry is very important.
Promo in winter can be carried out in cinemas, and shopping centers.
If there are no bubble shows in your city or they are invisible, you should definitely do promotions. People will learn more about this service, about you, they will book you to their holidays.
Organize your promotions wherever a large number of viewers is expected. Otherwise, the results will be insignificant.
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