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Bubble Shows for Adult Parties and Celebrations (Script)

Bubble Shows for Adult Parties and Celebrations (Script)

The previous article covered the bubble show script for children's parties. Today I am going to tell you about the acts sequence for adult audiences.
The script's sequence is similar: from the smallest to the largest bubbles. And in the end we perform the Human inside Bubble Act.
It is difficult to structure a bubble show otherwise. We cannot place a human inside a giant bubble and then show the audience 5-10 cm bubbles. They just won't like it.

The classic bubble show for adults is very similar to magic tricks and dancing, because of similar moments. In this case the script is interwoven with the artist's image and a character selection.
So the sequence begins right after you've been commissioned for the show. As for me, I try to arrive to the venue a half an hour prior my show. Therefore, I often wait for my part for over half an hour.
As soon as we arrive my assistant goes to the master of ceremonies. He says: "Hello, I'm from the bubble show, we've just arrived." Also, my assistant explains that the preparations will take some time, plus we'll need a free dance floor before the show in order to roll out our floor covering. As soon as the floor's is empty my assistant starts the rolling-out.
The act itself goes like this: the artist does his/her bubble tricks. During the act, the artist does not say anything and shows off all his/her emotions with facial expressions and body language. You can dance, sing along but only if it is in harmony with your show.

The show will go with a bang if everyone sees that the artist loves his/her job, that performing in front of an audience makes the artist happy and pleasant to look at.
Now we throw away the bubbles made with a 30cm wand.
When an artist acts as if under the whip-lash, you won't even want to look at him/her. A learned robot-like motions are a bad idea. The show must go on smoothly and harmoniously.
Start of the show
I try to appear on stage with the first chords of my soundtrack. I'm announced, the music starts and I'm out.
It is much better if the audience did not see me in the room prior to this point. This looks professionally. It doesn't always the case. Sometimes you have to go through the entire room to get into the dressing room.

I appear to the music and I begin to blow small bubbles. The show contains both complex tricks and just making bubbles.
Interwoven plot
If we just do the tricks, it will look boring, because the trick takes a certain amount of time. At this time, the viewer is trying hard to understand the purpose of what is happening on stage. Tricks with bubbles in the script are interesting, but it would be better to add the flying bubbles. Therefore, the script for adult event is structured by alternating tricks and simple bubble blowing. The show is easier to understand this way.
According to the script, first go 5cm, 10 cm, wands, caterpillars, carousels, blow-ins. Be sure to engage your hands.
You can start making hand-made bubbles in the beginning, but I don't not start with it. I first make bubbles with the smallest wand, and only afterwards insert my hand-made bubble element. I use my hands for a lot of tricks. Alternate tricks and bubbles.
Divide the script into parts
I usually divide the show script into blocks, not everyone does it, but I do. I know the sequence of my blocks. Within a block, I can swap its elements. For example, you've shown your hand-made bubbles, so forget everything associated with hands. If you forget to do something and began to another block, do not come back to the previous one.

When we move to larger bubbles, the returning to the smaller ones does not make any sense.
The exception is a burning bubble (Props, Fiery Froth Tube), because it fits well anywhere in your script.
Glowing table and generators
If my action plan involves a glowing table (Props, Glowing Table), I shorten the blocks of medium and small bubbles. The script reduction is made due to the number of elements.

Tricks on a glowing table are shown in the middle of the act, immediately after the hand-made and small bubbles and before the giant bubbles.
With a froth tube you can put your hand inside the soap dome.
I have two scripts. The one with a glowing table and the other without it. The glowing table works better in dark rooms or when it gets dark outside.

The price of such programs varies. The act with a glowing table is more expensive, but this is not the only reason. After all, apart from the table I carry my lighting equipment, a huge bubble generator, a smoke generator, a lighting console. Besides, it includes the work of a lighting engineer.

I live and work in Siberia. In the summer it gets dark at eleven pm. At this time, usually, all events are finished. The venues with dim-out facilities are scarce in Omsk. Therefore, the glowing table is rarely in script in the summer time. I know that in the south of Russia and in the highlands it gets dark at eight or nine o'clock in the evening. It's cool, you can safely use the glowing table. For us this prop is a great for Christmas corporate events and spring time.

You can also use effects generators and lighting equipment in the script. Your assistant (Bubble Artist's Assistant) will help you in this.

The bubble generator can be used during the artist's appearance and exit. I have an article dedicated to bubble generators – Overview of Bubble Generators for Bubble Shows.
ВThe lighting equipment can play their role too. What kind of light to use during the show?
Interactive part
After the act, according to the scrip, there goes an interactive part. We call on the stage the heroes of the occasion – a couple, the hero of the day or a company chief, if it is a corporate event.
Before the master class the artist is required to take the microphone in hand, because otherwise he/she will not be heard by the guests. You should nicely call out the hero of the day, for example like this: "Let's go back to your childhood and blow bubbles. As time goes by, the children grow up and the bubbles become larger, etc. "

The workshop lasts for 5 minutes, no more, ideally 3-4 minutes.

Commenting on your act and speaking into the microphone is required. As well as urging the audience to applaud both during the act and during the master class.
By the way, if you do not hint the audience that you need cheering from them after a successful trick, they might not do it. There is no need to hesitate; do the trick, dance and clap. If you clap they will follow.
It sometimes happens that when you start to blow bubbles something does not work the first time. While I correct some problems with the props, make your guests applaud. You face should say – let's clap and everything will turn out.
During the master class, give the wands to the newlyweds, they'll blow bubbles under our guidance. You can make and a burning bubble on a palm, it'll turn out beautifully.

Photographers have to keep shooting to preserve nice memories in pictures. Good photos present you in good light too.
During the master class, it is necessary to say: "Let's applaud to the birthday boy/girl, let's cheer the newlyweds!" I say to them that they are artists and they must feel the attention and the energy from the audience.
Human inside Bubble
After the master class place the hero of the day inside a bubble (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set), and then all guests must also "visit" the bubble.
The assistant starts to remove the table and small props after you did a master class. And you will begin to put all guests inside a bubble.
At this point, you might even say into the microphone: "And now every guest will find himself/herself inside the bubble, please come over here." The microphone can be handed to the assistant or the master of ceremonies, and you simply lift the hoop and keep smiling.
If guests are not active enough, you just come up to their table, take them by the hand, lead them on, put them on the tray and do you thing. I never limit myself in time when putting guests inside bubble. While the guests want it, I'll work. The exception may be a situation where there are another 10 artists are waiting for their turn to present their shows.

If the show-ballet is waiting for their turn, it will be disrespectful to them. And if I'm the only artist then why not. There are props, my assistant gets paid, and I like my job. I just know that the guests will be satisfied, and I will be very pleased too.
How will the script end?
Please note that you have to say goodbye to the guests before the human in bubble act. It's better since the audience's attention is still focused on the artist. Say all your wishes to the heroes of the occasion.
Ideally, find the words to make them applaud again. For example: "My act has come to an end, there is still a very interesting part ahead, when we all go inside the bubble, but I want to say thank you for being such a grateful audience, I applaud you. Thank you!!! "After that, it is necessary to get rid of the microphone and do the human inside bubble part. After the last guest has been inside a bubble the artist bows and takes a leave.
How long is the bubble show?
The duration is to be agreed upon with the client. Usually it takes 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for a master class, plus 10 minutes for human inside bubble. The entire show at an adult event is often about 30 minutes.
In the adult event, like a wedding or an anniversary, my show blends into the celebration script.
  • 1
    While I'm getting ready for the show, the master of ceremonies or guests propose a toast.
  • 2
    Then my show goes on for 15 minutes, the guests might simultaneously watch and eat.
  • 3
    Then during the master class they applaud to the newlyweds.
  • 4
    During human inside bubble, men usually go for a smoke, women go to the ladies' room.
  • 5
    After the show go other toasts, drinks, snacks.
Our show fits perfectly into any event and looks very harmoniously.
Is it possible to shorten the show?
Sometimes it happens that they ask to cut a show time. Make it shorter. In this case, I don't lower the price because I do not see any sense in this.
The work I do is the same; I carry the same amount of equipment. The maximum you can do is to offer a 10% discount, no more. We shorten the act slightly, from 15 to 10 minutes, drop the master class and place the heroes of the occasion and several people inside bubbles. Although my experience shows that I still work for half an hour, because so many people want to get inside the bubble.

Therefore, I am very skeptical when a client asks to cut my show short. I know that the guests will enjoy my performance and all of them will climb inside the bubble to be photographed.

You can shorten the show duration by leaving earlier. I do not know about other bubble artists, but I cannot abandon my audience who have already come to me to be placed inside the bubble.
Mass celebration plan
If your act is a part of a large event, for example, in some concert hall or at the mall, make sure to include both the act and the human inside bubble. You can skip the master class.

You will put a person from the audience inside bubble, or you can agree with some person from behind the scenes, who'll just come out of the wings, and you'll put him/her inside the bubble. That's where the script ends.
Precautionary measures
During the mass events, where the audience is on their feet beware of a stampede. Especially if there is a lot of people and the stage is low.
The year 2011. There was an opening of the bubble show in Omsk. There were many people. Our persuasions to move away from the stage did not work. The kids were just pressed to the stage.

Children love bubbles, they will go closer to the stage. The parents are afraid to let them go and also move closer. As a result, the children are pressed against the stage by the parents themselves.

If the stage is up to 40-50 cm tall, the children might hurt their feet. And if the stage is about a meter in height, the child's body might be hurt. If you see a possible danger, pause for a second and make a request to the audience to move away from the stage.

Usually it is true for events with over 500-800 spectators. I've had a similar experience, so I'm writing about it.
Classic bubble show scripts are divided into two types: for children and for adults.
The classic bubble show includes manipulations with small to large bubbles, then a master class and human inside bubble.
Viewers love only happy, positive artists.
For better experience, alternate tricks and simple bubble-making.
Divide the act into blocks, so it is easier to work.
If possible, use a glowing table – a spectacular element of the show.
After the act goes the interactive part: a master-class and human inside bubble.
Arrange staged photo shooting for the heroes of the occasion.
Engage the audience: speak into the microphone, hint where they need to applaud.
Say goodbye to the guests before the human inside bubble.
The show lasts an average for half an hour.
During mass events skip the master class, do the act and human inside bubble.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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