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How Should an Entertainment Agency Choose an Artist?

How Should an Entertainment Agency Choose an Artist?

The article is intended for the heads of entertainment agencies, for those who want to hire people to work for them as showbiz artists. Such shows are now often ordered, so the companies that organize various events should have at hand their own artists of a particular genre.
I can train your employees to deal with bubble artists. There are typical questions that I'm asked by the heads of such agencies. Let's analyze them together.
How many people can attend classes at the same time?
Such a question is related to the training course; it refers to Skype training or individual training. I answer: at one time, three people can attend. If you need more, we will negotiate individually, but then we will definitely have a longer training period, because I want to prepare high-quality specialists.
What are the requirements for artists who will be hired?
The requirements are the simplest ones. They are artistry, pleasant appearance, desire to work hard and learn, honesty, ability to express themselves.
A person should be able to communicate with both children (Scripts For Children's Bubble Shows) and adults, because, most likely, he/she will have to work with both types of audiences. A person's height is absolutely not important. What difference does it make? Do not worry, that a 1,60m girl won't be able to put a 1,90m young inside a soap bubble. She will! I'm too 1,60 meter tall, and it's Ok, I can do this! The next issue is a person's bodily constitution. In principle, if your worker is artistic, dynamic and slightly chubby, there is nothing wrong with that. The main thing is that his/her appearance is pleasant, not repulsive. That's probably it, nothing more.
About honesty
The only thing I would like to highlight for the heads of agencies is that they should understand that it is not necessary to transfer the detergent formula and some other things to your hired artists. It is better to have an individual for these purposes. After all, now the market is free. You can go and buy the same formula, props and do it yourself. It will be fair if you sign a contract with your employees. It is clear that these are all Russian useless pieces of paper, but still people will have an understanding in their heads that all this is serious, this is responsibility.
I recently had a situation in Kazakhstan; we trained a young man, he worked for a week and said: "Not my thing." And he left. Money down the drain. There are, of course, opposite cases, for example, in Kostroma, the hired artists are working and are not going anywhere. The artists in Astana also work fine, they are all ok, they are not going anywhere.
If you work at celebrations, you probably have some animators, acting artists. Take a closer look. An old friend is better than two new ones. So you can look closely at them and make a decision.
Bubble show is now a popular service, therefore, many organizations that are engaged in entertainment prefer to have their own artists at hand.
Three people can be trained simultaneously. If you need more, the conditions are negotiated separately.
Artists should have a pleasant, not repulsive appearance. The must be able to work, be able to communicate with adults and with children. Being short for an artist of this genre is not an issue.
It is better to conclude a contract with your employees so that there are no such situations that after their training they quit.
Do not hand them over the detergent formula, etc. It is better to have an appointed individual for these purposes.
Look for your potential artists among your acting animators.
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