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Competition in a soap bubble show

Competition in a soap bubble show

When the word "competition" is heard, lots of people experience negative associations. In this article, I will tell you about my policy regarding learning and about how I treat other bubble show artists. Then you will understand what I think about competition in this area.
One for all and all for one!
To begin with, I am an acting bubble show artist. At the same time, I teach people in my city and I am not afraid of it at all. Because I believe that if a person has set himself the goal and wants to blow bubbles in my city, i.e. with me in the same territory, then let him do it well rather than badly. My idea – if a person does not work well, then the audience will not have a particular understanding of who performed for them. For them, we are all just a show of bubbles. If one flops, then all the rest the bad too.
For example, if the bride falls down and breaks her leg, then no one will get into detail who was performing then. It is clear that those people were not professionals, the did not use carpets, that's why the bride fell down and broke her leg. But other artists' reputation will be ruined. Bubble shows in the city will not be bought for a very long time. Or, for example, the bubble artist comes to the kindergarten, does his/her show, stains the walls, floods the floor and leaves. After that no kindergarten will ever invite a single bubble artist.
Therefore, it is important for me that people work well. Doing a bad job, they ruin the reputation of the trade in general. And this applies to me too. So I only stand for professionalism.
Promote your show! Find your client!
One more thing. You can go out and ask 30 people if they've seen a bubble show and what they think about it. I'm sure that only 10 out of them at best can say: "I've seen a bubble show. I really liked it / did not like it. " Another 10 people will say: "I heard something about this, probably it is done in kindergartens". They do not even imagine that you can invite a soap bubble show to an adult party, a children's birthday party, an apartment, or a cafe. And the rest 10 people have not heard about it at all and do not understand what they are talking about. Therefore, I believe, in this situation, we can say that there is no competition. There is no competition, because there is no market. Although now for the time being it has already emerged. Before this, there was no market at all. People had not even known about bubble shows.
Let's live in peace!
Next, I will tell you about the policy of interaction with competitors. In my city, I have counterparts. I do not like the word "competitors" after all. I'm friends with everyone, I do not compete. My students work everywhere.
Besides them, there are more very good guys. We are not so close, but we can help each other out. If suddenly, I cannot go to an event, I know that I can ask any of the for help. They will not refuse if they are free on this day. It's just wonderful. We do not slander each other's names.
It often happens that customers ask: "How does your show differ from the others?" I tell them: "Let me tell you what my show is, and you will call and specify things about the others." It's ugly to talk dirty about others. Do not do this. I try to be friends with everyone, because everyone has the right to his/her vision of the numbers, props, etc. The audience themselves will choose whom they want to see at their events.
Competitors = Counterparts!
I'm told that there are a lot of bubble shows in St. Petersburg, it's hard to work there. But in fact, the population there is much bigger, which cannot be compared with the Omsk's. And they say the same about other cities, we have a lot of bubbles around. In my opinion, there is not such a thing as many bubbles. Let's say there are 10 artists in a city with population of 1m people. One artist per 100 thousand people. In other words, there is a lot of work, and it needs to be done. We need to do a lot of promotion, try to develop, do our work well. And then there will both the sales and rewarding job. Then you'll forget about competition, you'll be friends with everybody, you'll share experiences.
All in all, I wish well for everyone! Forget that you have competitors, you have counterparts. Then it will be easier to live on!
Bubble show artists should do their best. Because negative reputation extends to all others.
The market for bubble shows has formed, but not all people know what it is. Therefore, there is an opportunity to work.
You need to be friends with your counterparts, share experiences with them, promote a common cause. Then everyone will have a lot of work!

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