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Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners

In this article I will tell you what first steps should be taken in order to work as a bubble show artist.
How to Make Bubbles? Props
First of all, pay attention to your props. For those who are just starting their journey in bubble-making, I recommend choosing one of the ready-made kits. There are kits for every taste and every wallet, so you will definitely find what you need.
Take a look at the page of my blog, which describes the sets of props:
  • Mini Set
  • Animator's Set
  • Classic Set
  • Advanced Set
  • Ultimate Set
Why do I recommend choosing a set?
Firstly, a set is always cheaper
A set of wands at retail price will cost more. Such items as the detergent formula and training are cheaper if they are in a set.
Secondly, the complete set of props is balanced all over
All sets were developed by me in order to create the most intense show. In each price segment, I tried to squeeze the maximum out of the set, so that your program preserve both the Human inside Bubble and the tricks parts to make your act look decent. Also, pay attention that the pages describing the sets indicate who they are intended for. The strengths and weaknesses are indicated too, so be sure to read and think it over.
Thirdly, according to your desire the list of the requisite which is included in the set can be partially changed with recalculation of the price
For example, when considering the Classic Set, a person wants all the wands to remain the same, but the desk (Props, Work Desk) is to be changed to desk 2 in 1.

Or let in the Animator's Set everything remain the same, but the upper tray is not needed, and the desk is needed . It is quite possible to do so. If you have read all the information on the sets, but still have any doubts, please contact me. For example, you have to make a choice between the Ultimate Set and the Advanced one, or between the Animator's and the Classic. Write to me, we will analyze your specific situation together and we will definitely find a way out.
One of my recent shows. I'm using the Chamomile.
What liquid is to be used for making bubbles? Detergent
The next thing for beginners is the bubble detergent. We have an article How to Buy a Detergent for a Bubble Show? Be sure to read it. Here, I will explain a few nuances.
A kit is always cheaper to take
Firstly, I ask you once again to pay attention that the detergent formula within the set will be cheaper. This is a very good plus. Included in the set, the detergent formula is ranged from 5 to 6 thousand rubles, whereas its usual price is 9 thousand. The savings are substantial.
During training, rehearsals take a lot of solution
Secondly, during training sessions, rehearsals you use a lot of detergent. Much more than during performances. Therefore, if you think, ok, I'll learn using some cheap stuff, and then buy the formula, this thought is a delusion. When people come to me to learn for three days, we have use up to 20-30 liters of detergent, we just pour it on the floor. That's because at first the bubbles burst all the time, but it goes with learning, of course. Two people blow bubbles for 8 hours almost without breaks. A lot of detergent is wasted. When you start practicing, you will realize that you use a lot of it. Seems like pseudo money saving. It is better to buy the working detergent formula (Detergent recipe) right away.
I emphasize once again, do not buy the recipe from charlatans
Thirdly, I urge you once again, do not buy the formula from charlatans. I know a lot of people who are now using my video with the formula presentation and my photos. They say they bought it from me, so they sell it cheaper. Try it. It's not the fact that you will get what you want. If you didn't get the recipe from me, then I'm not a helper for you, I don't participate in these games. So, to exclude any offence, pay attention to this warning.
How to learn show-making?

Of course, there is nothing supernatural in this, a person can master it on his/her own. A human is generally capable of many things.

You have the right to choose. Naturally, with a Mini set you can easily master everything yourself. With the Advanced or Ultimate sets it will get somewhat more difficult. Self-study takes a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to save time, then you definitely need to choose the course that suits you best.
My shows photo collage
The simpler your props kit, the simpler the course of learning can be, although I recommend everyone to come to study with me. The point here is not that I want it to be this way. The fact is, we will work together properly, we will practice all the elements, I will prepare you completely for your exciting solo performances. Video tutorials can also be a good way to learn. It is necessary that a person understands that if you do it, do it seriously, if you don't do it properly, then don't do it at all. There were precedents when people bought everything, put the props in the closet and procrastinated until tomorrow infinitely.
More information on training is on the page in my blog and the article with a detailed description of the courses, you can look it up, get acquainted with it, decide what is right for you.
If you need my advice, please feel free to write or call, I will always help. Good luck to those who want to start. I wish you huge bubbles and grateful audience!
Buy props in a set. It turns out more profitable. The sets are always balanced to the maximum. Some parts of the set can be altered by mutual agreement.
Buy proper detergent. Do not buy from charlatans.
You can learn on your own using video tutorials or at individual lessons with me.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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