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Peculiarities of children's and teen events
(music, interactive games, an artist's image)

Peculiarities of children's and teen events (music, interactive games, an artist's image)

We have an article on the blog about the scenarios of bubble shows for children's parties. Here, I will tell you more about the use of interactive activities and music, as well as the choice of the artist's image for such events. It is also here that I will explain the difference between two subtypes of children's programs. These are programs for children of kindergarten age (from 2 to 7) and the programs for teenagers who are already in school (from 7 to 14). Those who are older are considered adults.
The music and the image of the artist for children aged 2 to 7
For younger children, I recommend taking music that they are familiar with. Take the music from the cartoons that most children are watching now.
For example, the "Fixies", "Masha and the Bear." There are a lot of decent songs, do some mixing. When children hear something familiar, they automatically have confidence in you.
Also make sure your image is not too blatant. It should be bright, no doubt, but do not overdo it with your makeup, because your looks can simply scare the children. Excessively flamboyant clowns scare small children, they are afraid of them. The look should be gentle, friendly.
I would, for example, generally eliminate the makeup. Of course, we must consider the situation. If you act in the image of the Mini Mouse, then you can draw a nose and whiskers, this is normal. And if you are a clown, and you completely painted yourself like some mimes do, and you come to a two-year-old child, then he/she will most likely be frightened. Do not take that risk, it's not worth it.
Immerse children in a private event
Interactive activities for children aged 2 to 7
If the event is private, for example, the birthday of a small child, then, of course, there will be little children there. Most likely there will be a maximum of 15 people. I this case, you can arrange an interactive part with everyone. Let them blow into a 10-cm wand (Props, 10-cm wand), make some froth on the palm of their hands; if there is a smoke machine (Props, smoke machine), make them a smoky bubble on their palms. You can do a lot of different things, just consider the age of the child, the weight of the wand, evaluate what he/she can handle. If the birthday person does not cope with the task, for example, he/she is a 12-month old and he/she is still not able to blow into the wand, then call on his/her mother to help you. Of course, at the end, each child should be placed inside a soap bubble (Props, Human inside Bubble kit).

There are some mass festivals, for example, you come to a kindergarten, where you have to perform in front of 100 kids. There, interactivity will be minimal. Not every person will cope with such a large hall, especially the beginners will find it too difficult. Therefore, I advise interactivity to be reduced simply to placing all children inside bubble in order not to offend anyone.
Interactive activities for children aged 7 to 14
At a birthday party you have to offer maximum of interesting things for children of this age. For those who are not afraid, most often they are 12-year-old boys, I make a fiery bubble (Props, fire-froth tube) on their palms. I do virtually everything I can. After my number and before Human inside Bubble, I interact with them in full.
If this is a mass program at a school, then I immediately invite three people on stage. For the first I make some froth on the palm, for the second – a necklace of froth around the neck, the third one get ears of froth. Then I call three more, give them wands, they blow bubbles. Then I call out three more, they pull bubble trains, etc. By all means, interactivity should be present at such events.
Interactive activities with a birthday person
Music and image of the artist performing to children aged 7 to 14
For the children of this age you cannot use only children's music. Let it be some modern pop songs. You can, if you want, use a little children's music, but believe me that at this age they are no longer little. They are pleased that they are not considered as such.
I would not advise you to appear in front of such children in a fairy-tale hero costume. At this age there should be a half-child-half-adult costume. This is not a children's program as a whole. Either wear an adult costume, or put on your princess dress without wings, crowns, etc.
Darina Lyudmila
Blog author
If we use baby talk with the little ones, we invite them to the magical land of soap bubbles, the older children already understand everything perfectly. They know that you are artists, that you came to show the program for them. Try to treat them as equals.
If you are going to perform at a festival, where there will be children of various ages, be guided by the age of the birthday person. First of all, this is his/her holiday. Explain to the parents, that the holiday is intended for the birthday girl/boy.
For children aged 2 to 7, use music from familiar cartoons.
Carefully choose the image for performances in front of young children. Flashy clowns can scare them.
Interactive acts for children aged 2 to 7 are done the following way: at the birthday party with all kind do the tricks taking into account the age of the child, in a kindergarten – just place them inside a bubble.
Interactive activities for children aged 7 to 14: at a birthday party do maximum with everyone, at school do a little with everyone.
You cannot use only children's music for children aged 7-14. They are no longer small. The image of the artist, too, should not be too childish.
At a birthday party where children of different ages are present, focus on the birthday person and arrange a holiday for him/her.
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