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How to Organize an Outdoor Bubble Show?

How to Organize an Outdoor Bubble Show?

There are indoor and outdoor bubble shows. A good artist should be able to work both.
First you need to find out what the format of the event will be. There may be three options: a simple performance, a public event performance or a birthday party, a wedding, a children's holiday and so on.
Simple Performance
The simplest performance is when you are supposed to merely blow bubbles without a lot of acting. Just take a tri string, triangles, nets (Props, The Net Outdoor Prop), froth wands, beads (Props, The Beads Outdoor Prop), a desk with a tray, a daisy wand (Props, Chamomile Wand). Do not bother trying doing something fancy, just blow your bubbles, a lot of bubbles. There is no act as such. You can even do it without a desk. Offer kids to make a few bubbles, make a few yourself and everyone's happy.

Public Event
At public events, such as the day of the city, you have to do the act. It's impossible to do a good outdoor bubble show longer than 5 minutes. Because, as a rule, the outdoor stages are quite high. They are not obstructed and are viewed from all sides, the wind blows free.
In this case we will make hand-made bubbles. There is a 100% guarantee that you'll be able to blow bubbles from your hands and throw them away. A 20cm wand (Props, 20-cm Wand) should go with a bang too. Active use your bubble-maker (Props, Small Bubble-Maker Wand), to produce a lot of bubbles.

Make sure to use a big froth wand, a daisy wand, and all outdoor sticks and ropes. A 30 cm wand is questionable, because if the wind is strong, the bubbles will burst. A 45 cm hoop is useless too. Do not take risk attempting a Human inside Bubble act at such events. You never know whether you succeed or not. Bad reputation is of no use to anybody.
Daisy Wand
A bubble generator might be very useful. Because if there is a strong wind, the device will be your only hope.

From my experience I can say that every year, on May 9 I do my show in the town square, and is always very windy on this day. I use only a bubble-maker and a generator. They both produce a lot of bubbles, and people like it.

Do not forget using a good outdoor bubble juice that makes strong bubbles. Otherwise, even a 20 cm wand can fail you.
The Bubble Show at a Party or Reception
Most often it is a children's party or a wedding reception. If you do the full show, find a place to hide your equipment from wind at least on one side. It may be a fenced corner or a gazebo or something similar. In such circumstances you'll be able to make small and medium-sized bubbles without any issues.

There is a nuance regarding the Human inside Bubble (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set) act. Normally I say right away that I am not sure if I will be able to put people inside a bubble. It will depend on the wind strength. If there is no wind, you can put them all inside a bubble. But if there IS a wind, it will be necessary to resort to tricks. For example, the guests may be asked to stand in a tight circle around you and the newlyweds to be placed inside the bubble.

The same applies to children. You can engage your imaginations, make them pick up, say, a few rugs, use them as a fence and do your thing. When parents have an urge to help they offer really great ideas. Nothing is impossible during outdoor shows, unless there is a heavy rain and a strong wind. Therefore, work and enjoy it.

The outdoor shows turn out beautiful and spectacular. The bubbles shimmer brighter and have more saturated colors due to sunlight.
The outdoor bubble shows come in three formats: a simple performance, an act at a public event, and the show at corporate events;
To do a simple street performance take outdoor props and make a lot of bubbles;
For a public event also use outdoor props and up to 20-30 cm wands. Plus, use your bubble-makers and generators. No Human inside Bubble;
For parties take all the usual props. Try to fence yourself from the wind;
Be careful with Human inside Bubble act, warn the audience that because of the wind some elements might go wrong.
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