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Bubble Show Artist's Technical Rider

Bubble Show Artist's Technical Rider

Each type of visual aid has pros and cons that must be evaluated to ensure it will be beneficial to the overall presentation. Before incorporating visual aids into speeches, the speaker should understand that if used incorrectly, the visual will not be an aid, but a distraction.
I'm against riders!
I believe that a bubble show artist (Shaping the Bubble Show Artist's Image) does not need any rider. This applies to performances at weddings (Bubble Shows for Adult Parties and Celebrations (Script)), celebrations and other small-time events.
A rider is necessary if you perform in a separate hall for bubbles shows, stage the whole production. It will include requirements for the light, sound, stage and similar conditions of performance.
Top Funny and Inappropriate Requirements
When I start reading technical riders of my colleagues, some of them seem very scary and even repelling. There are absolutely comic cases, I'll start with them.

The most ridiculous requirement is the presence of clean water and sandwiches in the dressing room. For me it's a bit strange. You are not a pop star, just a usual artist. A bubble show lasts from half an hour to an hour including all preparations and dressing up. If you are so fond of eating, buy yourself a hot dog and a bottle of water. This is my personal view of the problem.

Another thing that surprises me is the mandatory availability of a dressing room. Not every café and even a restaurant has a dressing room. Especially those that can accommodate bubble show equipment. For me, the presence of a dressing room in a technical rider is optional and even strange requirement. Maybe I'm wrong.

Also, I saw a mandatory presence of light devices, for example, LED floodlights in some (Props, LED Lamp) technical riders. This point is puzzling. If you think that light enhances your bubble show, then bring your own lights.
My LED flood light
Mandatory availability of musical equipment is just another inappropriate requirement. It's OK if there is some sound equipment on stage. But what if there is not? A bubble show artist should have his/her minimal set of music gear and tracks. You have to be prepared not to ruin your show!

Charging clients for bubble show gear (Bubble Show Props Review) lifting is also an inappropriate requirement. Moreover, I saw such a price: lifting it up a floor costs 500 rubles! Very expensive loaders indeed.
Why am I against riders?
In my opinion, the best time to list your demands or wishes in relation to your performance is during your negotiation with a customer. Do not give preference to dry phrases prepared in advance. Your customer is a person who wines and dines you. You need to ask what kind of event he/she is holdings, where it will take place. What if he/she wants to order a performance in an apartment, but your rider is for a cafe or a restaurant? In this case, the performance will fail.
Lyudmila Darina
Bubble Show Artist
Sometimes riders bear the following: "the absence of drafts is required." How can your customer know if there is a draft in the restaurant? He will doubt whether to order your show or not. Do you need such doubts?
Article on the topic: Enemies of bubbles. Drafts, air conditioners and music lows.
Dialogue with Customer is Very Important!
I believe that all the terms related to holding a bubble show can be discussed over the phone. You can ask to close the windows, turn off the air conditioners. These problems can be solved on the spot. If your customer is the organizer of parties in a nightclub, he knows everything about the venue. He can be asked about drafts and other venue conditions.
What about the Dressing Room?
I have been working in bubble shows for over 6 years, and it's still not difficult for me to change in a women's room. There is nothing to worry about.

I'll give you an example: you come to a wedding without a party planner. Who will rush to meet you to show you to the dressing room? In Moscow and St. Petersburg, party planners are usually hired. In the provinces, they cannot be hired for every wedding. And what to do in such a case? To cancel the show? You yourself have to find a place to change and prepare for the performance.
Stage Preparation
Another important point is the time required for stage preparation. Recently, I've read a rider, in which the time for preparation of the stage was from 15 to 25 minutes. It is too long. Do you have any grandiose concert? You do your bubble show at a celebration that lasts for no longer than an hour. Do not spend so long preparing the stage.
My position is: do not demand anything from your customer! You have to adjust to his/her requirements as much as possible. If the stage does not meet some requirements, you can adjust to them. Where there is a will, there is a way.

The most unrealistic stage on which I've performed was a 1.5 m x 1.5-m one with a height of 2 meters. It was in a nightclub. The audience stood below, and I was blowing soap bubbles on the bar counter. My performance went excellently, although the "stage" was very small.

We thought for a long time how to work on such a stage, and, as a result, the performance did take place. Therefore, I believe that you need to be able to adjust to the customer's demands, rather than dictate your terms to him/her.
Dear colleague, knock the crown off your head!
Let's meet our customers halfway, love them, try to give them positive emotions. Once again, a technical rider is needed to perform at large stages. At small events, a technical rider looks more ridiculous than appropriate.
A technical rider for a bubble show is needed only for big stage performances.
For small performances at celebrations a rider is inappropriate.
МI am amazed by some requirements in the riders of some artists: the presence of sandwiches, light and music equipment, pay for lifting of the equipment, availability of a dressing room, etc.
All terms related to performances are best discussed with the customer personally.
You can adjust to any performance conditions, if necessary.
Treat your customers with respect, your popularity as a bubble show artist depends on them
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