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10 Rules for a "Bubblist"

10 Rules for a "Bubblist"

In any show, you must be prepared to improvise, since not everything goes according to plan. But to prepare and rehearse your program is a must. For this I represent a number of rules.
  • A bubble must contact only wet surfaces
All surfaces a soap bubble contacts must be moistened. A bubble can't come in contact with anything dry. Naturally, in this case, it will burst.
  • Do everything smoothly
Be more relaxed, perform all your wand movements very smoothly. As soon as a person gets tense, all his/her movements become "wooden". Bubbles will burst because of your abrupt movements. A wand absorbs liquid that stretches into a soap film. If the movements are abrupt, the film is stretched too much, its thickness decreases and the resulting bubble bursts, starting from this place.
  • Froth is the enemy of bubbles
If you have accumulated a lot of froth in the tray, then you need to remove it. Either do it yourself, or let an assistant do it. When there is a too much foam, it breaks the bubble trains you pull out of the tray. When you carry the wand out of the detergent through a layer of froth, this froth removes the soaked detergent from the wand. Without a good amount of detergent on the wand, its performance will be much worse.
For such tricks, a large amount of froth in the tray will only interfere with the process.
  • Make an allowance for the wind
If the place is a bit windy, the bubble with people inside will tilt. It is necessary to correct the bubble movement by the hoop in the direction of the wind, so that the displaced bubble does not burst when it touches the clothes of the person inside the bubble. Read more about this in this article - The Bubbles' Enemies. Draughts, Air Conditioners and Lows.
  • Moisten the dry air
If the room is dry, you feel the air is dry and unpleasant, then you need to use a spray gun. It sprays water and moistens the air. Otherwise, bubbles in such conditions will not last long.
  • Use an appropriate floor covering
When doing a bubble show, remember that safety is a priority. You must have a good covering on the floor (How to choose a floor covering for a bubble show?). If you have spilled something somewhere, you must immediately remove it. Make sure you have a mop or a cloth.
  • A towel is a must
You must have a towel, because during the interactive part of your act, a birthday person or newlyweds will have wet hands. They need to be wiped. In some cases, you yourself need dry hands. Hang a small towel somewhere near so you can wipe your hands unnoticed.
You need dry hands to make them.
  • Make sure you have several lighters
You must always have a spare lighter if your show includes a fiery bubble (Props, Fiery Froth Tube) stunt. Because a lighter either gets wet or lost. You should have several lighters, and they should be within reach. The lighter is a must for both you and your assistant (Bubble Artist's Assistant). If he/she sees that there is nothing to set the bubble on fire, then he/she comes to rescue.
  • Check the detergent if you have not used it for several days
If you have not performed for several days, and the detergent was prepared, you should check it out before leaving for a gig. Do not take chances, you never know what might happen. Maybe it's not enough for a performance. Maybe it spent too long in hot place or froze. Detergents are all different. You should always check the detergent if you have not used it for more than 3 days. Do not be too lazy to check it out.
  • Think about the music to be used at the event
We all think that the world has become so modern and perfect, so we only carry a flash drive. This is a very big mistake. You need to take both a flash drive and a CD. And if this is a children's event, you should even ask if they have any equipment to play back your music (Picking Music for a Bubble Show). Sometimes it happens that you come to a kindergarten, and there they have nothing to play back your music with. Using radio is not very good. In such cases, you'd better carry a player with you. Always ask the customer if you will have the opportunity to play back your music tracks.
All surfaces must be wet.
Do everything smoothly.
Froth is the enemy of bubbles.
Make an allowance for the wind.
Moisten dry air.
Use an appropriate floor covering.
Have a towel with you.
Have a few lighters with you.
Check the detergent if you have not used it for several days.
Make sure you will be able to play back your music tracks at the event.
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