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Organization of a bubble show as a part of a larger concert program

Organization of a bubble show as a part of a larger concert program

A soap bubble show is not just a show at a private party like an anniversary, wedding or a children's birthday party. It happens that you need to perform at a concert, as part of a large program. When we perform with our number along with other artists. In this article I will tell you what organizational issues can be encountered and how to solve them.
At the beginning or at the end?
Very often the question arises where to insert your number within the big program. Many, for some reason, think that it should be in the beginning. But this is not the best option. Anyway, in any case you might have something spilled. If on stage, for example, slippery linoleum or some other slippery coating or even tiles are laid, the artists performing after you will not be very comfortable with that. Imagine if it will be dancers or models showing off clothes.
The ideal option is to put you bubble show somewhere at the end of the program. Or as an option – put a number that does not require a lot of movement after yours. For example, a vocal one. It takes just a few minutes for everything to dry out. We, of course, wipe everything afterwards. An assistant (Bubble Artist's Assistant) will run out, remove everything fast, no questions asked. But it still takes a little time for the floor to dry up to exclude all possible injuries.

You can also consider this option: roll out your rug beforehand (How to choose a floor covering for a bubble show?) And leave it until the end of the event. So it will look even more aesthetic.
How to quickly set up and remove your props?
Pay attention to the fact that the show of bubbles within a concert program can not appear quickly. In order to arrange your props with the detergent (Detergent recipe) ready for use on stage, and let the artist came out beautifully to the music, you need about 3-4 minutes. This is an average length of a song. Therefore, I recommend putting a vocalist before you, for example. In the meantime, you can quietly set up the props behind him. And when he/she finishes the act, you can be announced. And you will immediately get down to work. It won't bore the audience watching your assistant dragging carpets, a canister, a table (Props, Work Desk), a tray or whatever else.
The same applies to the time after your number. You also need time to remove all the props. The same applies to the time after your number. You also need time to remove all the props.
The show of soap bubbles within a concert program has its own features.
Keep in mind that after your performance the floor should dry out a bit. You should not put a number with a lot of movements after yours. Better put a bubble show at the end of the concert program.
It takes a little time to set the props. Put a vocalist in before your show, then during his/her performance you will be able to prepare quietly.
Remember – it takes time to remove your props.
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