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How to Make Your Own Bubble Show?

How to Make Your Own Bubble Show?

This article is for both amateurs and future artists.

Here, I want to make a distinction between an amateur bubble show and a professional one.

Who are the bubble show "amateurs"?

Let's start with the amateurs. They are most often single animators who want to make a bubble show on their own. They buy up all the wands, bubble-makers in the nearby shops and somehow manage to blow some bubbles. Most often they use household appliances as bubble show props and blow bubbles made from concentrates. Bubble show for them is a passing activity. Bubbles are included into their price lists and they have no intention to develop in this direction. Such a bubble show can actually be done quite easily.

There is no need for neither a trick part, nor aesthetically-looking props or a choice of stage image and background music. There is no act, no props, no artist. All you need is to buy a pair of wands and, at best, a tray for Human Inside Bubble act. Moreover, the quality of the props in this particular case is not important.
This is a children's wand. it is designed for games. It's not for professionals.

Who are the bubble show "Professional Animators"?

I do not want to offend all the animators of the country by these statements. I've met many representatives of this profession who showed a really worthwhile product. It was a children's show, but with qualitatively selected props, with a well-placed act and a wonderful detergent. I attribute these people to professionals. To be more precise, professional animators. Especially for them, I post here my master class for animators in the framework of the Virtuosi Kids international forum.

Who are the "Real Bubble Show Artists"?

Real artists think everything through. Even a hand towel should look aesthetic. Everything is important in the bubble show: the props, the detergent, the image, the costume, the floor covering, the musical accompaniment, and even the way your assistant is dressed!
I'll tell you a secret. The first impression is the most important. If you look great, you have a quality costume, and your props doesn't consist of only 2 basins – you've already seen as a professional. It's 50% of your success! And if all of the above is not on the level, then the attitude towards you will be prejudiced. That's how the perception of our audience works.
The most important thing is to make a good first impression

The Sequence of Steps if You Plan to Do Your Own Bubble Show

The first step towards your very own bubble show is watching videos of other artists. It is important to understand what you want. I'm not talking about copying! No way! But from videos, you will find out for yourself a lot of interesting things. Next, you need to try yourself in several areas: a show on the verge of illusion, a show with dance elements, a show with theatricalization.

Decide for yourself which suits you best. Of course, these categories are rather conditional, but if you understand what is a priority for you, then you can proceed to the next step – the choice of your image.

The image is selected depending on the area. Then, you need to choose music to match. Or vice versa. It so happens that selected music creates an image.
So, without props yet, you already have outlines of your future act. When there is such certainty – it's time to choose the props.

At this step, it is easier to choose colors, the set of props – because it is clear what will fit into the act and what will not. Well, and further it's only a matter of training: detergent and tricks. The order I just proposed is not quite classical for the ordinary human perception)). Usually, everyone does the opposite, and then they end up with a huge number of props they do not use.

The main thing is that before buying props, all the changes occur only in your head and do not require financial costs. In this case, your start is more precise, planned and the payback of the business, respectively, is higher.
Before buying something, think it over. It's great if during your planning stage you have a mentor who will help you understand the profession and in yourself in it.
I am an acting bubble show artist. I am also engaged in training.
So, the order of steps, if you are planning to do a bubble show:

  • Look at others. Choose yourself without copying other artists

  • Think about what kind of show it will be

  • On the basis of your act choose your image

  • From the artist's image and the act, you can develop the type of music for the show

  • Props are selected based on the act concept
Bubble shows can be both amateur and professional.
Amateurs, most often single animators, make do their show with their own hands using poor-quality props and detergent.
Among the animators there are some professionals who seriously approach their bubble show production show a worthwhile product.
Real artists approach professionally to everything: the props, the detergent, the image, the costume, the music, the floor covering, etc.
To create your own show, first look at the performances of other artists.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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