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Detergent consumption
for bubble shows

Detergent consumption for bubble shows

I will answer the question directly, and then I will tell you what determines the flow of detergent at the bubble show.
How much detergent is spent normally?
In case of a classic adult event (Scenario of a bubble show for adults) with a 15-minute number and an bubble placement of 30 people, standard detergent consumption is about 0.5 liters.

At the children's event (Scenario of the children's bubble show), where after the number you let 30 kids make bubbles, 1.5 liters of solution will be spent.

At a photoshoot of 100 people inside the bubble 2 liters of detergent will go.
The concert event consumes about 30 liters of detergent.
I'll tell you about the amount of detergent that is consumed in one bubble show program. Please mind, that there are such things as a number and a program. A bubble show number is the performance of the artist. And a program is a number plus an interactive part, which includes a master class, bubble placement of people, greetings from the artist, and so on.
The detergent flow rate at each bubble show event depends on several factors:
    • Quality of the detergent
    • The number and variety of props
    • Show duration
    • Number of bubble placements
    • Event format
    Let's analyze each entry in order.
    How does the detergent quality affect the show?
    A good quality detergent gives a lot of bubbles from one soap film. If your bubbles constantly burst, then more detergent will be spent. To get 8 bubbles, one dip of a wand will be enough.
    But if the detergent is poor quality, then you will have to dip your wand 8 times, which will lead to an increase in detergent consumption.

    About how to determine the quality of the detergent, you can read on the website (Check the properties of the bubble show detergent formula).

    Moreover, a good quality detergent is cheaper. We are not so much interested in the consumption of the detergent itself, but in how much money we will spend on its acquisition.
    The variety and number of props
    The versatility of your program, the props you use do affect the detergent consumption. You'll use more detergent if you have all sorts of tricks with a variety of props.
    For example, if you use the lower tray, the desk, the glowing desk (Props, glowing table), they all require a decent amount of detergent. And if, let's say, you just have a bottom tray and a small plate, in which you dip two wands, then, of course, less detergent will be spent.

    About the types of props for bubble shows, you can read on the website (List of props for the bubble show).
    How will the detergent flow rate be affected by the duration of the number?
    The consumption will depend on the duration of the number. The number can last 5 minutes, and maybe 15 minutes. Accordingly, you will spend a different amount of detergent.
    What about placing people in a bubble and photoshoots inside a bubble?
    You can bubble place one person, but you can also 150. Consumption will be different. The main thing here is not even the number of people, but the number of hoop lifts. You can bubble place one person, and you can have several people at a time.
    Also, if you take a photo inside a bubble, you will have to bubble place a person not once, but three or four times, in order to get good shots. People make faces, sometimes they fear bubbles. Sometimes they are drunk. Anything can happen.
    What else can prevent people from being placed inside a soap bubble or taking a photo inside a bubble? Drafts, air conditioning, bass frequencies from big speakers (Enemies of bubbles).
    What is the dependence of the detergent flow rate on the bubble show format?
    An adult classic event consists, as a rule, of the number itself and the interactive part with the hero of the occasion, where there will be a master class and placing of guests inside a bubble. It's one level of detergent flow.

    At the children's event, most often after the number we allow kids to blow bubbles. Plus there can be bubble placement of all the kids. It will be a completely different consumption level.

    Therefore, the total consumption volume will be made up of what you will do, what props you will use, and how many people will participate in all this activities.
    Detergent consumption depends on several event factors.
    A good detergent is consumed in a smaller volume and costs less.
    A rich program with a variety of props involves the use of an increased amount of detergent.
    For a large number of bubble placements you need an extra volume of detergent.
    An adult event, as a rule, requires less amount of detergent than for a children's.
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