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Bubble Show Myths

Bubble Show Myths

This article was inspired by a girl who was at my master class in Moscow. She asked me an interesting question: "Can I use perfume during the performance?" The question stunned me, taken aback, I could not even answer it.
Do not use perfume!
Dear artists! You can absolutely use perfume, hair spray, etc. This is an absolute myth! I do not even understand where it came from.
At the initial stage of my career, there was a situation when my friend and student was to become my show partner. He assured me that blow-ins did not work if he had had a beer in the evening. That was also a disputable issue. 5 years later, no matter what he drinks, he does the trick just fine. Let me remind you that it is unacceptable to use alcohol before your show, but due to completely different reasons. The only thing that matters is the professionalism of the artist.
Exclude smoke completely!
When Alexey and I were learning our trade, we were told: "Scenic smoke is unacceptable for making bubbles!" I was running around the stage, like a housewife, with a towel to get rid of the smoke left after dancing breaks… Now I certainly understand that it was complete nonsense. When you fill the bubble with smoke – it does not burst, consequently, the smoke does not affect the quality of the bubbles.
It seems to me that as soon as the artists started using smoky bubbles, their shows became more diverse and spectacular. Smoke does not bring anything bad in the bubble shows, but only makes them better. I really like to use smoke in my performances. And not only inside the bubbles. A stage filled with a little smoke with proper lighting will only add peculiar atmosphere.
Exclude drafts!
It's a half-myth, a half-truth, that absolutely all drafts must be eliminated. It is simply impossible to get rid of all drafts. At least the minimum air circulation will occur in any case. It is necessary to be ready for this. Of course, it is better to exclude those air flows that you can control – but it's not always possible. Of course, your bubbles will move, travel a little. What you need is good techniques, experience, and skills.
By all means, it's better to turn off air-conditioning. There are situations when this is impossible, though. Then you need to adjust to the situation, and not panic.
You must use a water spray gun
The venues' air is not always dry. From my own experience, I can say that I rarely use a spray gun. It helped me only during the concert, because there were powerful spotlights on the stage. They mercilessly dried up the air. The spray gun helped me, but maybe, it just calmed me down. I cannot say that you do not really need to use a spray gun. Many of my colleagues practically do not let it out of their hands. One thing I can say for sure – it won't do any harm.
Do not breathe when inside the bubble!
This myth concerns a Human Inside Bubble Act. Every person who is inside your bubble gets there to be thrilled, to make a wish, to dance. But I often hear from colleagues that they forbid breathing inside the bubble! For me it's at least weird. I tell you, you can absolutely breathe! You do not have to suck in some air and hold your breath – just have to watch and have fun. And also dance, sing along and smile. The only thing, it is advisable not to shout loudly, the bubble might burst.
Everything will be wet after the performance
Dear artists! If you take the necessary measures (cover the floor with a rubberized carpet, if necessary, use a plastic film under it), it won't be wet at all.
Even if the bubbles flew away, it's enough to wipe the liquid yourself and it will not be wet. Your assistant can do it.
Let's be professionals and use our own example to forever destroy this myth in the minds of our customers.
Only one type of Fairy Washing up Liquid is Suitable for Your Detergent
Someone says that you can use only lemon Fairy, another insists on the apple variety. I have tried a lot of detergents for 6 years and have not seen any dependence on the type. You can use any Fairy, the smell of which suits you fine. And you do not need to run around the shops in search of the certain "taste" – use this time for rehearsals. And now there's an odorless Fairy available! Super.
You can only stir your detergent with a plastic fork!
6 years ago, when I was just starting to blow bubbles, I had different detergent formula. We handed it over and said that that detergent was to be stirred only with a plastic fork not a metal one.
I, for 2.5 years mixed my detergent with an IKEA plastic fork only (which was nicknamed the "holy fork"), and was very much afraid of losing it! Now this seems so ridiculous even to remember. Our bubble show wands are made of metal and no problems with the detergent have ever occurred.

Most of the problems and myths are only in our heads. Be a little bolder, more confident in your abilities. It is not necessary to blame yourself at the first failure, it is absolutely superfluous. The better your mood is during the detergent preparation, the better it will work. I call everyone to common sense, do not believe in all sorts of myths!
You cannot use perfume – it's a myth. Bubbles are not afraid of extraneous odors.
Smoke enriches your bubble show. Do not exclude it.
To completely get rid of drafts is impossible, they need to be adjusted to.
A spray gun, in my opinion, more calms the artist down than moisturizes the air.
Inside the bubble you can breathe, and also sing and dance. Do not make harsh and loud sounds.
Use carpeting and after there won't be much wetness after your show.
For your detergent, use Fairy washing up liquid, chose the odor to your liking.
The quality of the detergent does not depend on what you use to stir it. The reasons for failures lie somewhere else.
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