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Online consultation

There will be online consultation for you where you can clearly formulate the issue that needs to be solved.
The place
The online consultation is conducted by videoconferencing. We choose the best option: WhatsApp or Zoom.
Length of consultation
In order for the consultation to be as productive as possible, we need to discuss its duration in advance. Most often, we can solve standard issues in an hour, but there are some cases where more time is required.
What would be
During the consultation, we discuss a specific question: performing a programme, trick and so on.
Questions that can be discussed:
  • How do you build your own adult or child programme?
  • How do you make a stage costume?
  • Where can you get music for the performance?
  • How do you combine music with the elements of your soap bubble show?
  • What equipment is required for the show?
  • How do you create your own portfolio? Where can you place it?
  • How can you sell your services with the bigger price?
  • What is a performance and how to make it for different age groups?
  • Adult programme. How do you build your performance? What will be the interactive part?
  • Child programme. The features of child programe interactive.
  • Different types of child programme.
    Adaptation for the stage, birthday, a big event in a kindergarten or school.
  • How do you choose assistants?
    How do you hire them? What should they do? How do you manage them?
  • How should you start building your programme?
    What will be the main idea of it? What will be the style?
  • How do you build a storyline? How do you link music to it?
  • I will also give recommendations for hairstyle and makeup.
    How do you emphasize the image and follow the style of the performance?
  • There will also be tips for interacting with colleagues in the holiday industry.
  • How do you make your programme be sold? How do you make people talk about you?
  • What photoes does the soap bubble show artist need?
  • How do you organize a photo shoot to create photoes that can raise interest to your services?
  • What are the terms of reference to give to the photographer and videographer?
  • What frames should be included in your video that can raise interest to your services? Where can you place your portfolio.
  • Which kind of advertising works for soap bubble shows?
  • Do you need a website? What should be placed there?
  • How do you make a content plan for social networks?
    What can you publish? How often do you need to publish anything? What shouldn't you publish?
  • Personal brand. How does it work and how can you start creating it?
  • Questions about working with a vertical frame.
  • Working with a steam generator.
  • Hand bubble tricks block.
  • Smoke tricks.
  • Fire tricks.
  • Glowing table.
  • Working on a big stage.
The list of the questions can be continued indefinitely!
The main thing is to formulate the topic of our discussion in advance.