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Business package

3 200

A soap bubble show is a small business
Many people take the soap bubble show as an interesting type of art. But the soap bubble show is a business that allows you to have an income up to 100,000 rubles a month.
I´ve taught how to perform soap bubble shows to about 400 people. And you can also earn money performing it! In this ready-made business package I´ve collected all the best that I can give you. This is my offer of ready-made bubble show business.
The business package includes:
  • Initial online consultation with Lyudmila
    At the online consultation we will get acquainted, discuss the room that will be suitable for our trainings, your image and the costume, that will be required at the day of preparing portfolio, and clarify a variety of other important details.
  • Ultimate Set
    The "Ultimate" set would suit for those who like to have everything to their maximum. This set is perfect for those who perform at large stages, adult celebrations and already have necessary props to perform a diverse show.

    This set is suitable for professional performances for different ages.
  • 2 days of training on the student's spot
    Theoretical and practical classes. The biggest part of a day will be devoted to rehearsals and the other part to study the theory.
  • 1 day will be devoted to working together with Lyudmila on a portfolio
    Making photos and videos.
In total, you will receive three days side by side with the Guinness Book of Records record holder and a full preparation for successful start in performing soap bubble shows.
Additional expenses:
  • Paying for Luydmila's round-trip tickets
  • Finding an accommodation for Lyudmila and paying for it (hotel for 3 days)
  • Finding and renting of a room for training
  • Preparing stage image for making a portfolio (details will be discussed at an online meeting)
  • Finding and renting a room for making photo and video for a portfolio
  • Paying for photographer and videographer services
- Ideal offer of done for you business.
- We provide you all closing documents that will be suitable for an accounting and implementing subsidies.
- We also work with bulk purchases. It's possible to apply for a loan
What would be the price of a package?
The total price of a package is 186,000 rubles. Excluding the tickets and accommodation. Additional expenses: accommodation, travel or flight to Moscow, food expenses. If there is a special need, I can fly to your city. Additional expenses are shown above.
Where does the training take place?
In Moscow region, Noginsky district, Novaya Kupavna. Business package training usually takes place in here. You buy the tickets by your own and also pay for the accommodation by yourself. It might be a hostel, a hotel or an apartment. It's up to you. I will provide the place for rehearsals.

Or it can be your city. In this case, you pay for my trip, accommodation and the place for rehearsals.
What can you study now?
You can already start reading my blog about soap bubble shows (Blog). There you can find a lot of information not only about making shows from the technical point of view, but also marketing information.
My students
Guzel Gallyamova
Guzel studied at the end of February 2016. And now she is at the very start. She's my first student that has got a full-fledged photo shooting and video shooting in Omsk.

She's very talented and interesting girl. And I'm sure that we'll hear from her again. Good luck to you!
Katya Kozyreva
Myski, Novokuznetsk
Initially, in 2013 Katya bought a franchise package that I've developed. And later, in November 2014, we met in person. Katya came for an advanced training and to buy new things.
We spent several busy days together and now we keep in touch constantly. Katya is very hardworking, interesting and curious girl. She constantly looks for something new, always improves. Good luck to you, dear, in all your endeavors! Come visit!
Katya Gromova
Katya studied in November. I visit her social media page very often. I'm happy to see colourful and emotional photos. She's very active, lively and truly sincere girl.

I'm looking forward to the video. And I'm going to visit her. I want to go to Karelia!