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Personal consultation

20 000
Do you want to discuss and work on several specific issues in one day? Then you
will approach a personal consultation.
The duration of one lesson
From 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
The number of students
1 person
Await you:
Live communication
Individual plan
Answers to your questions
A personal consultation will suit you, if:
  • You already have experience in bubble show, and you would like to add something new to your show.
  • You need to study the work on the light table, vertical frame or other props.
  • You want to update your performance or make a new program.
A personal consultation is also suitable for those who need detailed advice on making a performance and adding new blocks to it:
  • Work with the light table.
  • Work with steam generator.
  • Work with vertical frame.
Sometimes I am approached by students who plan to access large areas. In this case, it is expected to help in selection of tricks, equipment and scenic image.
To make our work as productive as possible, we are going to conduct an interview before the consultation. Where we will:
• Discuss your question.
• Plan our joint work.
Examples from practice
A personal consultation approached my student, who studied 3 years ago. At that
time we did not work with a vertical frame, steam generator, and did not teach
tricks on the light table. The student sent me a full recording of her performance
and asked me for a personal training session, but we decided that a one-day
consultation would be enough.
  • I gave her new skills.
  • I gave her new information about the creation of the performance.
  • We touched on the topic of updating her music track.
Another example
The girl was invited to tour in Indonesia. She had to work on the
big stage as a part of the theatrical program three performances a day. It was
necessary to make from different elements a spectacular performance of the bubble
show for 7 minutes. Before that, she used to work only on children's events.
During a personal consultation we:

  • Discussed and made a plan of her performance.
  • Made a preliminary selection of music tracks.
  • Determined the order of tricks.
  • Came up with the stage image.
  • Made a technical specification for the costume designer.
  • Chose props that were just right for the big stage.

The girl went on her tour after one and half months. According to the student, Indonesian customers were satisfied.

    I also recommend a personal consultation to refresh your skills and theoretical information to those who have already studied with me and have not worked for a long time.
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