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Not a drop by! How to drain the solution correctly from the tray of the "Man in a Bubble" set?

Not a drop by! How to drain the solution correctly from the tray of the "Man in a Bubble" set?

More and more often I am being asked the question of whether there is a drain spout on the trays of these sets. I will answer right at the beginning of the article - no, and never will be. Why? I will explain the reason for this a bit later.

The main thing is that no matter what happens, never lose your temper. Take any situation calmly and a solution is sure to be found.
Let's analyze all the existing methods of draining the solution (Recipe of the solution) from the tray, and also, their pros and cons. I know six ways including the one I use myself.
Method 1.
Using a cup

The way is simple and primitive: the artist uses an ordinary plastic cup and with it pours the solution from the tray into a canister. The disadvantages of the very first method are obvious: it takes a long time and, in addition, this method is extremely unaesthetic and unpresentable. But some artists still do so and I personally met the use of this method.
Method 2.
Using a funnel

Using a funnel is a more advanced method in comparison with the previous one. The tray is raised, the funnel is placed under the tray and the solution flows out. Moreover, the solution flows both into the funnel and past it. The speed of such a drain is already several times higher than in the previous method, but the solution splashes in different directions and spills all over the floor.
Method 3.
Using a drain spout of the tray

Let's take a closer look at this method and analyze the reason why there is not such a drain spout on our trays and certainly will not be. In my opinion, such a drain spout is a kind of useless growth on the tray, which is not functional and, besides that, it does not allow you to perform tricks.
Let's imagine a jug, remember what it looks like. Everyone has seen it and everyone understands how its spout is located. If its spout is too small, the liquid still flows past it. Thus, a small spout is useless.
Now let us imagine a huge tray with a diameter of one meter and a spout on it. Let it even be 10 centimeters, which is almost impossible. In fact, the spouts are mostly 5 cm. or even 2 cm. How the tray should be raised so that the solution can get into the little spout!? I do not know. The solution spills the same way as without a spout. Then the question arises: what is the spout for on the tray?

To make it useful, the spout should flow smoothly from the tray, that is, the entire tray should take an oval shape and the spout should be at least 25 cm. This is not clear!
Method 4.
Using a pump

Some bubble show artists adapt an electric submersible pump, which is used for aquariums, to drain. There are certain advantages in the method, but, in my opinion, there are also serious disadvantages. The pump must be connected to a power outlet, and this is not always possible. Also, this method takes a lot of time.
Method 5.
Using an enema

Despite its unaesthetic appearance, this is the most gentle and accurate way to drain: quickly, without spills, without searching for additional power outlets. For those who want to try this method, I will give advice: decorate this thing properly, and you can use.
Method 6.
Using a device equipped with a drain
Each of our sets, except for the "Mini" set (A set of props "Mini"), includes equipment with drain. For example, it can be our Working table (Props, Working table). To drain the liquid from the tray of the "Man in a Bubble" set, it is enough to pour the solution into the Working table. Then open the tap and wait until the soap solution flows out of the tray into the canister. The solution can also be poured into the Bowl on a leg (Props, Bowl on a leg), or into the Working table 2-in-1 (Props, Table 2-in-1) and so on.
A simple and convenient way: lift the tray, pour the solution into the equipment with a tap, open the tap and enjoy a quick and accurate draining. It seems to me that today it is the most convenient method of draining the solution.
Make your work easier, use well-thought-out solutions. Bright performances, big bubbles and comfortable work!
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