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  • A stylish, aesthetic and compact work-table is a new masterpiece that has successfully complemented our line of props. It differs from its predecessors in its lightness, simplicity and more available price, despite the fact that the cost for materials and work has significantly increased. It's the main advantage of the new table that has preserved and multiplied its functionality.
  • Functionality
    The table is fitted with a lower shelf where you can place, for instance, a smoke generator plugged in at a 220V outlet or even a steam generator. To set in a shelf you need to attach one part of the shelf to the axis between the table-legs and another part to two ropes that hang from the upper shelf.
    On the upper shelf you can place either two glasses with a solution or one glass for tubes and one glass with a solution. There is also a place for a bowl with tipping limitators, as well as holes for fire-foam tube, a smoke generator and a lighter. These holes helps you to put the props quickly and stably and, if you need, to take them easily from the table. This construction is multi-functional. It combines the functions of a table for props and a table for dipping a racket with the diameter of up to 30 cm.
  • Height
    There is a floor bowl of 70 cm diameter in our price list for rackets of a larger size. The table has a height of 90 cm and the lower shelf is located at a height of 45 cm.
  • Accessories
    The table is equipped with eight holes for hooks for placing rackets. A special feature of the hooks is that you can place here two or three rackets of 65 cm diameter simultaneously. And they will not cross each other. For rackets of larger diameter, there is a stand for convenient storage.
  • Packaging
    The table is equipped with a removable bowl of 30 cm diameter and two jars of 2.5 liters capacity, 10.5 cm diameter and a depth of 24 cm each. To fix the glasses securely, there are two plastic rings to screw in containers in the packaging (watch the instructions for screwing in).
    Avoid heating glasses. It can lead to their deformation. They are made of polyethylene terephtalate. Keep away from sunlight while transporting.
The main advantages of the table:
  • It's stable.
  • It's mobile. Thanks to the case you can carry it easily and it takes little space both assembled and while
  • It's stylish and aesthetic. It will fit into any interior of any stage perfectly.
  • It's multi-functional. It provides the opportunity to keep all the props required in optimally positioned places.
  • The design is ingeniously simple, but very functional. Our engineering department is still wondering why the table wasn't made like this right away. We are absolutely satisfied with the current model.
  • The table is included in the sets of ready-made props: Classic, Advanced and Ultimate. They are more cost-effective and are designed for different audience and performances.
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Frame material
Frame color
Only black
The size
102х53х6 cm.
90 cm