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Video Course on Vertical Frame

Video tutorials are send immediately after the payment has been received.

I have other courses, tailored especially for you:

Theory-Related Video Course
Main Video Course
Video course on the glowing desk
Vertical frame trend of the 2019 season.
This is quite an interesting block for your program.
Video course to work with a vertical frame
What do you get:
I will show and tell you about the basic tricks on the vertical frame.
I will explain how to better "tweak" the horizontal threads of the frame.
I'll tell you the basic principles of working with this tool.
I will demonstrate in detail the implementation of each element, and explain how to do it better.
Course duration – 1 hour.
Working with the frame is quite complicated, so I advise you to work with the frame already to those who have mastered the previous 2 programs:

  • The main video course – working with "hand" bubbles, giants, tricks on rackets.
  • The course on work with the light table – work with the steam generator, bubbles on the light table, bundles on the light table.

You can master this course in 1 – 2 weeks of rehearsing, 1-2 hours a day.
What is included in the course:
The basis of work with bubbles on the plane
I will tell about the features of the frame itself, about what does not allow the soap film to stay well on the plane. I will explain the main technical aspects of working with this device.
Tricks with smoke on the plane
You will meet and learn how to perform more than 20 tricks on the plane. You will learn their features and the main mistakes that my students make. I will teach you to do tricks with smoke, I will tell you the subtleties of working with the smoke machine on the frame.
Tricks with fire and with loops on the plane
You will learn how to make loops, learn how to properly place them on the working surface.
All my soap bubble show video courses
The total cost of video courses is $130
Main Video Course

A detailed analysis of the main tricks, personal recommendations, an explanation of the implementation technology.
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Theory-Related Video Course
I'll tell you about creating a number, an image, give examples of portfolios, platforms for promotion.

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Video Course on Vertical Frame
I will show and tell you how to perform tricks on the vertical, I will work out each trick in detail.

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Video course on the glowing desk
I will tell and show the basic tricks on the light table, I will work through the links between the tricks, I will analyze the Medusa trick in detail.
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Special offer

When buying all four courses
The cost is $100
You save $30.

Package Includes:
Main Video Course
Video Course on Vertical Frame
Theory-Related Video Course
Video course on the glowing desk