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  • A hand fan is the prop that is often used in soap bubble shows. It's one of the props that will make your show even more spectacular and fascinating.

    You can blow bubbles with a hand fan, keep them levitating in the air or divide a bubble into several smaller ones with a strong flow.

    Especially spectacular trick is when you divide a smoky bubble in the air. The smoky bubble is splitted into small bubbles. And they are clearly visible to the audience due to the smoke inside of them.

    You can also perform several stage effects that came to us from the genre of magic tricks.
  • Attention! The hand fan should fit your image and match the style of your props. That's why it's black.
  • The hand fan is enlarged in size that allows you to keep large bubble levitating. The width of it is 68 cm.
  • The manufacturing material of the hand fan is also important. It shouldn't be made of paper, as we work with soap and water. Our hand fan is made of plastic and polymer fabric.

133 g.
Width 68 cm
Plastic, polymer fabric