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Concentrate Arista

  • This solution was developed as a universal solution. It is suitable for hand block, racket work, giant bubbles, light table and vertical frame.

    You can prepare concentrated solution for outdoors events. Dilute 1 jar of concentrate with 4 liters of prepared solution.
    Add 3750 ml of water to 180 ml. concentrate + 2 packs of activator 30 gr. The solution will be thicker and denser.
    I recommend the same proportion to work with in the regions with very hard water.

    For proper dilution and trouble-free operation of the solution, please watch the video instruction.
Important! Before diluting Arista concentrate
watch the video tutorial below!

  • Arista is a concentrate for bubble show artists. A jar of concentrate 180 g (taking into account the weight of the jar itself) + 2 packs of activator 30 g each is diluted into 5 liters of solution.

    The development of the concentrate has been carried out for about 3 years since the beginning of 2017. Arista has been refined and changed. About 50 people were involved to work on the concentrate. From a number of company employees who send my messages to university professors. Someone worked for money, someone just helped with advice. They didn't even remember everyone, but we are grateful to each of them for the special information that they contributed to this great cause.

    It's no secret that many artists prepare their solution according to the recipe.

    I'm sure many of them now have their choice of using Arista.

What is the difficulty with preparing the solution according to the recipe:
  • Cost increases
    Most often, the solution is prepared from Fairy (dishwashing detergent). It is constantly getting more expensive.
  • Bad or unpleasant smell of the solution
    Fairy smells like household chemicals and the audience understands this at the performance. And Fairy without smell is much more expensive than its fragrant analogues.
  • It's hard to buy ingredients
    Many recipes include ingredients that are difficult to find. It is not always possible to buy it in your own city, you have to buy it over the Internet or search in neighboring cities.
  • Manufacturers change their composition
    About once a year, you have to change the composition of the solution, because manufacturers change the recipe of some ingredient for the solution.
  • The need to prepare more and in advance
    To save their time, and to be always ready for performances, artists prepare a lot of solution at once. If the solution is not used in time, it spoils. And it has to be thrown away.
  • Heavy solution
    Often animators do not have their own cars and move from order to order on public transport. Until there was no concentrate, such artists had to carry a heavy container with the solution with them.
I have advised about 300 students on the recipe of the solution, I give the most frequent mistakes when diluting the solution according to the recipe.

  • Problems with glycerin
    Glycerine can be different (from different manufacturers) or it is difficult to buy in the city. With a lack of normal glycerol, sometimes it even comes to the pharmacy. Its quality is very different - this becomes a problem.
  • Ingredients behave differently
    Different brands of ingredients work in different ways. Most often, they have different content of the active substance or it is modified.
  • Need for special scales
    Not all scales are suitable. You need scales that measure tenths and hundredths of grams. Also, these scales need to be periodically calibrated.
  • Artists make mistakes when preparing the solution
    These are technical mistakes. The artist may forget how much is measured, or make a mistake when weighing. Many of my colleagues will confirm that not everyone was able to prepare the solution the first try.
I am an excellent recipe cook and have taught hundreds of my students how to do it, but even I find it difficult. The hardest part for me is using leftover ingredients. There aren't much of them. But they are all sold in different places and spent differently. I've been dreaming of a concentrate for a long time, and now it's here.
Lyudmila Darina

Advantages Of Arista
  • You don't waste your time preparing the solution.
    Arista is prepared in 3 minutes by simply mixing with water. Pour the water, pour the concentrate into this water and mix.
  • Be sure that your solution is always the same
    The concentrate is prepared in large containers of 500 liters. All the Arista jars have the same composition.
  • You don't waste your time testing the solution
    Beginners can easily get the solution that professional artists have. This will make the animation with bubbles better. You only need to work on the technique of blowing bubbles.
  • Don't bother collecting ingredients
    No longer have to buy everything in different places and control the leftover ingredients.
  • Be sure of the properties of the solution
    Each batch of Arista is tested personally by Lyudmila immediately after its release. A system of 8 tests was created specifically to test Arista, which confirm compliance with our standards.
  • Save on delivery
    So that you can save money on delivery, we removed the excess water and compressed the solution by 20 times. Now you will get 5 liters of solution from 180 ml. + 2 packs of activator 30 gr. of Arista.

    For example, sending a box of Arista (25 jars) from Moscow to Vladivostok will cost about 1000 rubles. And this is 125 liters of solution.
  • Arista has no smell
    The solution does not contain flavorings and smells neutral. During the performance the audience will not feel the smell of your solution.
This is the solution with which I work myself. You can also be sure that Arista does not contain carcinogenic or mutagenic substances. My husband Alexey led the development of Arista. All my friends know how serious he is about my health. While working on the solution, we discussed each ingredient for its possible harm. Several substances were not used in the concentrate. To be honest, it was the search for healthy surfactants and preservatives that greatly delayed the development time.
Lyudmila Darina
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Can size
64х64х108 mm
Box size
330х330х132 mm
In the box
25 cans