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On-Stage Movements and Interaction with Your Audience

On-Stage Movements and Interaction with Your Audience

I've been looking through a huge number of videos on the Internet showing artists do bubble shows. I often notice that there are usually a few negative aspects of people's behavior on stage. One of them is people with indifferent facial expressions, the other one features smiles, eternally glued and faked to insanity.
Acting without Emotions
The first option is the most common. A person comes up to his/her desk (Props, Desk), to the tray (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set), takes a wand and just blows his bubbles away.

He/she stands still, looking at the wand with a dead cold expression on his/her face, there is no interaction with the audience. Somewhere the music is playing, it does not matter whether it's upbeat or just slow. Such an artist plays the role of a bubble generator. And he/she is not interesting to look at.

I'll try to explain why this is not a good idea. Let's start with the way we are called. We are called the "Soap Bubble Show". The main word is "show". It refers more to the artist than to the bubbles, because they are naturally beautiful, they fly and shimmer with all colors.
No complaints about them.But the word "show", referring to the artist, raises many questions.

Of course, it is unacceptable when the artist simply stands still. No matter how gorgeous his/her costume may be, whatever interesting music may sound great props he/she holds, what a stunning bubble juice he/she uses; if the face of the artist does not express any emotions and he/she just stands as a statue, then he/she is not different from a bubble generator.

This can hardly be called "show" in principle. Looking at all this, especially for your money, is not what you want.
Standing idle is not about us!
It is unacceptable to just stand still. In any case, you have a stage, and you must move around it. This is your workplace. HOW you move around is another matter. It depends on many things. Firstly, the artist's gender, secondly, his/her age, thirdly, the built, and fourthly, the temperament.
Let's say that everyone likes watching a young slender 20-30-year-old girl dancing dynamically on stage with her bubbles, as if playing with her spectators. But let us imagine that the same thing, at the same pace and with the same attitude done by a fairly plump woman, 45-50, a very calm disposition. At the very least, it will look weird, to a very utmost – comical. Such an artist can dance too, but at a different pace and with different emotions.
Video to Help!
On-stage movements should be approached individually. I advise you to move in front of the mirror, see if it's nice or not. Take a video, look at yourself. Film you act from beginning to end. Look for these moments. Great movements or not, beautiful facial expression or not. A beautiful facial expression is, in my opinion, a face expressing emotions. The audience should see that you love what you are doing. You work at parties and have to project positive emotions and fun. It will be great if you do it naturally and from your heart. Only then everything will look harmoniously.
Do not Fake Smiles, Smile from Your Heart!
There is a second kind of artists who are less frequent, but, unfortunately, they exist. These are the artists who actually have glued an artificial smile on their faces. It is ugly and unnatural. Eyes and movements do not express anything. The artist seems to be smiling, but he/she does not look at the audience. He/she can fix his/her gaze on the floor (How to choose a floor covering for a bubble show?), on the wand and continue smiling. A smile and any emotion of an artist should be aimed at someone or something, but surely not at the floor. You can admire and marvel at your bubble (How to blow a big bubble?) and then turn to the audience meaning "look how cool it turned out".
Smile at your bubble and look at the viewers.
Pay attention to these moments. This is 50% of your success. Your face, your movements. If your built and feelings allow, do some dancing, have fun, get driven, be charged with positive energy.
Usually there are two ways the bubble show artists perform: either with a stone-cold facial expression, or with a fake smile.
You can't act without emotions. You have to show not only the bubbles but also your work on the stage.
Stage movements depend on the artist's gender, age, built and temperament.
Make a video of your act, pay attention to your movements and facial expression.
Do not glue a fake smile to your face, perform with all your heart.
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