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Animator's Set
+ Video Courses

Production time: 5-7 days
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Kit price: $926.00
In the set:
Video course price:$48.00
Video course price:$66.00

Who is this set for?
  • This set is designed for animators who implement full-fledged animation programs with plans. I tried to make the kit as accessible and affordable as possible. It is distinguished by low weight and volume, a table for a container with liquid and a fairly wide functionality.
    This set is suitable for those who want to somehow dilute their activity. This set is not suitable for bubble shows and adult audiences.

What can you do with the set?
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    Bubbles made with hands
    You can do huge amount of tricks with your hands and blow bubbles up to 30 cm in diameter. The main limit of manual tricks is connected with the absence of a smoke machine.
  • 2
    The kit includes play rackets specially designed for use during interactive activities with children. They are made in forms understandable and known to children: a butterfly, a balloon and a sun.
    Rackets in bright colors are additionally decorated with toys to emphasize the props. Also, rackets will be an excellent decoration for photo shoots that take place after the show program or animation. A happy child blowing a bubble into a bright racket is a great shot.
  • 3
    Entertainer's table
    The table with containers is made to dip tubes, hands and rackets in the soap solution, as well as for the comfortable location of the necessary requisite on the stage. It is equipped with hooks that can easily fit rackets for performances. The set includes three containers: a plate with a diameter of 33 cm and two cans with a volume of 2.5 l., the diameter of the cans is 105 mm and the depth of 24 cm.
  • 4
    Putting people inside the bubble
    To put people inside the bubble, the set includes a tray with a diameter of 80 cm and a racket to it. The tray in this set is made without wheels. This tray can be used for putting both children and adults. Also, a large hoop from the tray can be used for making separately flying giant bubbles, with the size of 1-2 meters.
  • 5
    For comfortable using there are two covers in the set: for the "Man inside the bubble" and for the table.
  • 6
    To make the performance neat and for you to feel comfortable in the work area, the set includes two mats. They will allow you to cover an area of 3 by 2 meters. The main advantages of these mats are: light weight, fast drying, tightness and aesthetic outlook.
  • 7
    The set also includes a concentrate for making 25 liters of soap solution.

  • Hand bubble tricks
    Performing hand bubble tricks is always fascinating. Bubbles appear out of nowhere. Tricks and bundles seem like the work of an illusionist.

    In this video course there are bubble show elements and tricks performed with hands, ropes and tubes. There are tricks without rackets. Smoke is used in many elements. This block also contains elements with fire.
  • Working with rackets and giant bubbles
    Working with rackets is the basic skill of any bubble show performer. This is the most extensive video tutorial. You can create a full-fledged program based on it. Giant bubbles always fascinate and amaze with its unreality.

    You will find tricks with rackets of various diameters and configurations in this video course. Many tricks require a smoke generator and an equipment for fire bubbles. You can also see how to work with giant bubbles, street props and various tricks of people inside the bubble in this course.