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Wands for bubble show, instruction for use
  • Product Description
    Wands are made of metal rod by welding; painted with powdery polymers. The winding is made by a synthetic cord. Handles are rubberized.
  • Preparation for work
    Before the first use it is necessary to test the item outside the show. For the first use it is recommended to soak the wand in detergent for 3-5 minutes, for the subsequent use the soaking it is not required.
  • Rules of use
    Do not store it for a long time in a closed wet case. When storing the item, the item is to be taken out of the case and wiped dry.

    Use the protective case for transportation.
  • Injury prevention
    Do not use this and other props for bubble show on bare floor. The floor becomes very slippery. This might result in traumas. Falling on the floor can be lethal.

    Wands can only be used by children under adult supervision.
  • Warranty
    The item is covered by a 12-month warranty. The warranty is valid in the absence of external damage.

    After the wands have been used, they shall not be exchanged and returned.
  • Post-warranty repair and repair in case of damage
    Post-warranty repair or repair in case of mechanical damage to the item can be carried out by you or the manufacturer. In these cases, repairs are made at the expense of the buyer.