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Ultimate Set + Individual training

Production time: 5-7 days

Kit price: $3334.00
In the set:
Tuition: $700.00

Who is this set for?
  • The "Ultimate" set is created for those who like to have everything in best advantage. This set is ideal for those who often perform at large stages, adult events and it's equipped with everything that can be necessary for the most diverse show.

    The set is suitable for diverse professional performances.

What can you do with the set?
Almost everything I can do, you'll be able to do with this set. This is the largest set of requisite.
  • 1
    This set includes a good selection of rackets of all diameters: rackets for small, medium and large bubbles, as well as for creating trains, raining bubbles, foam train, for interactive with children and themed photo shoots. Also included in the kit "street triangle, mesh and beads", which can be used both outdoors and indoors. And the racket "Volcano on the plane".
  • 2
    The transformer table is equipped with several tiers, which allows you to place a sufficient number of accessories in it. This is a universal product that combines the functions of a table for requisite and a table for containers. The set includes three containers: a plate with a diameter of 33 cm and two cans with a volume of 2.5 l., the diameter of the cans is 105 mm and the depth of 24 cm. All rackets with a diameter of more than 30 cm should be dipped in a floor bowl. The table height is adjustable from 78 cm to 102 cm. The advantages of this product are: mobility, light weight, easy to assemble, aesthetic outlook on the stage. It takes 60 seconds to assemble the table.
  • 3
    To work with rackets of more than 30 cm in diameter, the set includes a 70 cm bowl on wheels. It is equipped with a spout for draining soap solution and has a thick bottom, which allows it not to bend during the performance.
  • 4
    Smoke bubbles
    Using a smoke machine, you can do a full-fledged block of spectacular tricks with smoke in your performance. They are popular both at children's parties and during performances in front of an adult audience.
  • 5
    "Man inside the bubble" set
    The set includes equipment for putting a person inside the soap bubble. The diameter of the tray is 95 cm, which is enough for putting 2 adults or 3-4 children inside the bubble.
  • 6
    Vertical frame
    This is the only set that includes a vertical frame. Vertical frame is quite popular requisite. It allows you to work with a vertical soap film. Our frame is light in weight, easy to assemble and disassemble. It is equipped with wheels for easy movement on the stage and a drain hole for comfortable draining soap solution. The frame is equipped with unique transverse ropes with a patented "bead" coating.
  • 7
    Fire and foam
    The set includes a fire-foam tube. Using it you can do tricks with fire, and design it of foam.The tube is very strong and equipped with two refillable cylinders. The use of this requisite adds variety to the trick structure of the performance.
  • 8
    The light table fills the room with magic and beauty. It shines statically, which allows not to distract the viewer's attention from the soap film. Each LED gives a different highlight on the bubble. Smoke bubbles look especially good because the smoke takes on a rich color. The light zones intersect, and if you move the smoky dome along the plane of the table, you can achieve a color change. It looks very impressive.
  • 9
    The set includes 4 protective mats. They allow you to make a platform for the performance with the size of 4 by 3 meters. This area is enough to place all the necessary equipment on the stage.
  • 10
    This set includes 5 covers: for the table, for the "Man inside the bubble" set, for the light table, for the vertical frame and for the mats. Everything has its own place.
  • 11
    The set also includes a classic concentrate for making 50 liters of ready-made soap solution.

  • Individual training in the Moscow region or online, 2 days
    • Live communication
    • Individual plan
    • One-on-one practice
    • Answers to question