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Smoke Generator, instruction for use
  • Equipment:

    1. Smoke machine.
    2. 2 tubes.
    3. Glycerin, 100 ml.
    4. Replacement spiral, 1 pc.
    5. Charging cable.
  • Product Description
    The item is used to create tricks in the bubble show. The smoke machine is designed for filling bubbles with smoke.
  • Assembly features
    Before use, please watch the video tutorial on the web page. The tubes must be properly screwed on. Insert and connect the battery, fill the item with glycerine.
  • Preparing for work
    Before the first use, you should test the item outside the event. Watch the video instruction. Check to see if the smoke machine is fuelled. Next, press and hold the button, blow into in the short tube – the smoke will come out of the longer one..

    If you do not get any smoke, try to charge the smoke machine and check if the battery is connected
  • Rules of use
    You should monitor the level of glycerin, the spiral cord must always be wetted in order to avoid overheating, and a spiral thread burning. Keep an eye on the battery charge. It is important from time to time remove condensate and detergent from under the top cover, it can be done after every 5-6 shows.

    It is not recommended to keep the button pressed for more than 30 seconds without a pause. This has a negative effect on the battery charge, and can also lead to the spiral damage.
  • Warranty
    The product covered by 6-month warranty. The guarantee does not apply to spiral.
  • Post-warranty repair and repair in case of damage
    Post-warranty repair or repair in the event of mechanical damage to the product can be carried out by yourself or by the manufacturer. In this case, the repair is made at the expense of the buyer.