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Redesigned Work Desk, instruction for use
  • Equipment:

    1. Table top, 1 pc.
    2. Legs, 4 pieces


    1. Drain hose, 1 pc.
    2. Hooks, 7 pcs.
    3. Self-tapping screws, 14 pcs.
    4. Glasses for detergent, 2 pcs.
    5. The drain valve, 1 pc.
    6. Wheels, 4 pcs.
  • Product Description
    The desk is designed for performances in the genre "Soap bubbles show". It functions as a tank for wands dipping and a convenient location of the props.Around the perimeter there is Velcro for curtains fastening. For ease of operation, the wheels are mounted. Also the desk has a drainage device.

    The diameter of the tray is 55 cm, desk height is 80 cm. The desktop is made of ABS plastic by molding. The legs are made of metal by welding and are colored with powder polymers.
  • Assembly Features
    Attach the legs, use the desk.

    Remove the upper part of the Velcro, you can attach a curtain to.
  • Preparation for work
    Before the first use it is necessary to test the product outside the performance. Study the installation and dismantling of legs. They must be screwed in tightly. Check the tightness of the tray. Fill it with water and carefully inspect the desk for leaks.

    Examine the operation of the drain – open and close the valve. If there are problems, the exploitation is prohibited. Study the recommended location of props and accessories on the desk.

    Glasses should be filled with detergent and installed into the holes along the edges of the table. There are tubes in them. There is a separate recess for the froth tube. Also there is a recess for the smoke machine or humidifier. The drain hose is attached to the valve before each detergent discharge.
  • Rules of use
    The desk must be stored away from direct sunlight. Long exposure to the sun results in fading.

    It is not recommended to store metal parts in a closed wet case for a long time. When storing the product, it is necessary to remove it from the case and wipe it dry.

    Do not twist the valve. Transportation of the product is recommended in a protective case. The product is not intended for use by children. Do not use the product with signs of leakage.
  • Preventing injuries and damage to the item
    Do not use this and other props for bubble show on bare floor. The floor becomes very slippery. This might result in traumas. Falling on the floor can be lethal.
  • Guarantee
    The product is covered by a guarantee for a period of 9 months. The warranty is valid in the absence of external damage.
  • Post-warranty repair and repair in case of damage
    Post-warranty repair or repair in case of mechanical damage to the product can be carried out by yourself or by the manufacturer. In these cases, repairs are made at the expense of the buyer.