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Redesigned Glowing Table, instruction for use
  • Equipment:

    1. Table top, 1 pc.
    2. Tripod, 1 pc.


    1. Tubes for work on the table, 3 pcs.
    2. Lamp remote control, 1 pc.
  • Product description
    Table top
    The glowing table is designed for performances in the genre of the "Soap Bubbles Show." It's designed for inflating figures. The product is made of plastic, LED illumination on a metal bracket. It has the power key on the housing, the backlight modes are remotely controlled. The product is powered by 8 AA batteries. The diameter of the table top is 50 cm , thickness – 4 cm, colour – black.

    The tripod Made of metal.
  • Assembly features
    Assemble the tripod and set it on the floor. Fasten the tabletop on the tripod.
  • Preparing for work
    Before the first use, you should test the item outside the event. To do this, check the serviceability of light elements. Turn on the switch. Check the light remote control functionality. For that it should be pointed at the receiving point. Try switching between glow modes. If the product does not turn on – replace the batteries. The table must be enabled by both the button on the table and the one on the table. If a fault is detected, you can't use the item! If everything is in order – check for leaks. Moisten the working table surface well and inspect the table for leaks.
  • Changing batteries
    Remove the upper part of the tabletop. Loosen the bottom screws. Remove the platform with diodes. Inside the boxes there are battery compartments. Replace batteries.
  • Rules of use
    The table should be kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

    Long-term storage in a closed humid case is not recommended. When storing the product, you must pull it out of the case and wiped dry.

    Transportation of the items is recommended in a protective case. The product is not intended for use by children. Do not use products with signs of leakage.
  • Prevention of injury and product damage
    Do not use this and other props for the bubble show on the bare floor. Floor becomes very slippery. This might result in traumas. Falling on the floor can be lethal. Do not step on the product. Be careful during transportation, do not drop the table, do not knock it against the floor. Avoid getting moisture into the table top.
  • Warranty
    The product warranty applies for a period of 6 months. Warranty is valid only in the absence of external damage.
  • Post-warranty repair and repair in case of damage
    Post-warranty repair or repair in the event of mechanical damage to the product can be carried out by yourself or by the manufacturer. In this case, the repair is made at the expense of the buyer.