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The image of the soap bubble show performer

What is the image of the performer? Is it a costume, hairstyle, makeup or something else? Is it necessary to put on a cartoon character costume, when you are going to perform at children's party, or is it enough to be yourself and there is no need in costume at all? Do rhinestones suit every performer? Should everyone dance during the soap bubble show? There are a lot of such questions, and I would like to try to answer them in this article.
When I started to perform, there was no such questions of the image or changing the look. I had to learn how to perform soap bubble tricks. Soap film is a very capricious thing. And it's always a struggle to learn how to deal with the bubbles. You have to work hard to gain the skills and to love what you do. Therefore, my first image was a prom dress, which was decorated with sequins, and a hat, embroidered with them. On the one hand, such attitude is completely wrong, but on the other hand, there was a certain grain of truth in it. I will tell you about it later.

Some time later I took a sewing machine and made a costume for children's parties by myself. I made this costume that it will be comfortable, will emphasize my strong points and will hide my weak points. It was bright enough and reflected my mood. This costume was with me for about a year.

Then I experimented to create more costumes, but, making them, I always relied on my feelings of how I would feel in it, what my hairstyle will be like, how I would behave during the performance. To be more precise, I should say other words. Based on my manner of working with bubbles, I made certain costumes.

Initially, the very first dress was not chosen for the stage at all. It's bad from the point of view of the image, but I felt myself, wearing it. This detail did not gave me additional stress at the very beginning of my performing career. Then I started to develop: when I felt like a person, who plays with bubbles for children, my costume reflected this mood. As my confidence and technical abilities grew, my performance became more complicated and the way I performed it became more similar to the work of an illusionist. The image transformed into something that is close to a magician.

There is more further. I added more rhinestones. I wanted to add more movements to my costumes. That's why I added the features of figure skaters to my image. I have used this suit for more than five years.

Then there was the costume, that, in my opinion, did not fit my image. I wanted more dancing, movement femininity, so I have created the costume with roses. But I haven't worked, wearing it, for a long time. I felt out of a place.

Then I moved to a more circus image. The last costume was the reflection of my perception of what I do. It's mysterious, unhurried, smooth, airy and at the same moment it's clear and understandable. It's quite solemn. This costume fully reflects my behavior on the stage. It creates a certain image. A full fledged image.

Before the maternity leave, I managed to make Mary Poppins costume. It was the first costume, based on character, that I have done. But I've been getting used to it for a very long time and I'm still getting used to it.

I will share the conclusions on this image with you at the end of the article. Now let's analyze this topic in more details.
What is an image?
It's not only a costume, makeup and music in the style, that you have chosen. By an image, I mean the special features of the performer's behavior on the stage. The correct selection of the image will depend on how you convey your emotions, how you feel happy or worried, how you convey your mood to the viewer. You can be upset, indignant, laughing, smiling and happy in different ways. You can agree, that each of us has different emotions. And they appear differently, even if we hear the same.
You should know, how you character reacts to this or that circumstances in life. How he feels angry, how he feels happy, how he feels delighted. The Little Mermaid and the Witch will behave very differently. Mary Poppins and Baba Yaga also ask children to behave well differently. Of course, the characters, that I gave as examples, is just a hyperbolized instance. But there will be differences, even if you wear an airy dress or tight trousers. These will affect both the energy and the behaviour. Very often in stressful situations, or when everything goes wrong, the main failure is not when the bubbles burst, but when you fall out of the image.
Choose the image, that will match your behavior in real life, especially without any special degree on the beginning. It will be the easiest thing, that you can do. Therefore, when you fall out of the image, for instance, when you get angry that something went wrong, you will react naturally, having the right image. As this is typical behaviour for your character. At the same time, it doesn't matter whether you are happy with the result of the trick or, conversely, upset. You will look harmoniously. I advise you to stay in this image as long as you can. While you are on the stage. Although, if the image is your reflection and there is nowhere to fall out of it.
A life story.

I had 20 kg more 10 years ago. I wasn't fat, but the extra kilos were clearly visible. A client asked me to perform a soap bubble show, having the image of Princess Winx. Not only the character did not suit my inner state and external image, but I also didn't look like a princess much. That's why I offered the image of Karlsson, that suited me more at that time. I understood that, wearing the image of Princess Winx, I would look ridiculous. It means that I wouldn't feel naturally in it.
The conclusion. "Thinking over the image you need to take into account: the age, the bodily constitution, the height and other features of your appearance. Take into account your temperament, character and energy. If you pick the image, music, costume, makeup and rehearse your reactions, according to the criteria, mentioned above, it will be easier for you to perform. The viewer will see the finished picture that will be harmonious and pleasant.

Of course, it's important to understand that there are professionals that can suit almost any image. Here the only things that we will take into account are: their weight, age, height, voice and pace. But I'm sure that these people are unlikely to need my article. They will manage it on their own. My current article is for those who are not professionals in changing images.
Neutral images and their features
If you want to make your own image of a soap bubble show performer, the performer of an original genre, then the costume should poses you as an illusionist, showman, artist. You can create your own characters and develop them. Or you can take the existing ones and build your program around their images.

If you poses yourself as an illusionist, the viewers will look at you the way they look at the person, who is related to the circus art. It means that you should perform, according to the circus rules. If a tight-rope walker walks on a tightrope, and he does no succeed, then he tries again. Often the first failure is performed specifically. It helps to make viewers think that the trick is much harder. I don't urge you to burst bubbles on purpose, but still keep in mind that such strategy exists. When the soap bubble bursts, it is not a tragedy. Sometimes, if the trick does not work out from the first attempt, it's even more valuable for the viewer. In the circus image, pay special attention to the pauses and to the moments of trick preparations. Also pay attention to the poses and on the eye contact with the viewers.
Your performance can be themed, with a certain plot or without it. But the reactions of the character to failures or to a successfully performed trick should be worked out very accurately. This reactions are the keys to a successful performance. They allow you not to solve the problem at the moment, but to do what you have planned. At the same time, importantly, it helps you not to fall out of the image and do not fuss.

Some soap bubble show performers in Europe and America work in a scientific way. They reveal small secrets to the audience. Naturally, to perform such programs and to seem friendly, the image of a teacher or a mentor, who shows children what he can do, will suit. If something doesn't work out, you can easily get out of this situation by asking a question: "Why do you think the bubble bursted?" and so on. But I haven't noticed such approach in Russia yet. Perhaps, such shows are not suitable for our set of mind.

If you follow the image of a character, the reactions should correspond to it. You can control the viewers emotions when you learn how to control your own. Think in details about what emotions do you want to evoke in your viewers by your performance. What is your performance emotionally about. If we say that we take the image from our life, we need to answer the question of what you want to say. What emotions you want to evoke. Based on the answer, choose the music, the costume, the movements and the ideas.
And a few words in the conclusion
A kind of checklist.

  • Check the fabric for the costume. It's better to choose one, that will not have wet spots on it after the performance.

  • If you need various little things during the performance, for instance, a lighter — then you should think about a pocket for it in the costume.

  • The image must be complete. Therefore, you need a makeup and a hairstyle. At least at a minimal scale. Often the headdress makes the image more advantageous and complete.

  • Dirt is less visible on dark fabrics and the rainbow flecks are better visible on it.

  • It's preferable not to change the fabric. We often move from one stage to another. It's important factor to feel more comfortable.

  • Do not move from one performance to another, wearing the costume. Moreover, do not install and dismantle the stage in it in front of the viewers. There are robes, special clothes or an assistant or a folding screen to do this. There are many options.

  • Remove all household items. Towels should be plain. Shoes should be decorated. Carpets shouldn't be old and so on.

  • Think about the makeup that will not scare children, if you have a performance for them.

  • Create an atmosphere with light. The light on the stage is a part of a mood. Therefore, it's also the part of the image.
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