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Who am I? What do I do?
I'm an active artist of the bubble show. The main thing for me is to please and surprise my public.

I perform at weddings, corporate parties, children's parties and other events. Most of all I like to perform on big stages.

I create programs and numbers for the bubble show, constantly develop new equipment for artists of this genre.

I love making experiments with solutions. I am in constant search of the perfect solution formula.

I like to set records, work on difficult sites, reach new heights.

I love teaching people this profession, and their success makes me happy.
My Guinness record
374 people inside a soap bubble
My world record
Highest soap bubble 10 meters
Photos from Guinness record
My Guinness record video
My records
Photos and video from the TV show "Fashionable Sentence"
Photos and videos from the opening of "Love and Sweets"
Photos from my 2014 show
Photos from the night club
Photos with children's parties
Photos from weddings
Фотосессия на улице