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LED Floodlight Lamp, instruction for use
  • Equipment:

    1. Lamp, 1 pc.
    2. Charging cable, 1 pc.
  • Item Description
    The lamp is designed to illuminate the scenic space during the bubble show.
  • Preparing for work
    Before the first use, you should test the product outside the event. Turn on the lamp by pressing the ON button located on the bottom of the housing. Then set the glow mode suitable for your show with the remote.
  • Rules of use
    Our lamp is powered by a battery and does not require mains power. The lamp can be charged even during its operation. If you connect the lamp to a power outlet, it will be charged regardless of whether it is working or not. Once the battery is fully charged, it will automatically disconnect from mains. At the time of charging the lamp housing can get warm. It has no effect on its work and lifespan. Storage in a fully discharged state for a long time is nor acceptable. This can lead to a decrease in battery capacity without further restoration.
  • Prevention of injury and product damage
    Do not use this and other props for the bubble show on the bare floor. Floor becomes very slippery. This might result in traumas. Falling on the floor can be lethal. Do not step on the product. Be careful during transportation, do not drop the lamp, do not knock it against protruding corners and floor. Must be protected from being walked across by foot and stepping on with a heel. You can not keep the lamp in a wet case. Soft pouch transportation is recommended.
  • Warranty
    The product warranty is 6 months. The warranty is only valid in the absence of external damage.
  • Post-warranty repair and repair in case of damage
    Post-warranty repair or repair in the event of mechanical damage to the product can be carried out by yourself or by the manufacturer. In this case, the repair is made at the expense of the buyer.