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Arista soap base 750 ml.


It's a great soap base for the soap bubble show solution. The product can replace the more expensive analogues, such as Fairy Pure and Clean. Our soap base has a lower price and the consumption of it is almost two times lower. The basic proportion for 5 liters of solution is 375 g. It's indispensable item in the arsenal of not only a soap bubble show artist, but also of any responsible hostess.
  • Soap bubble show artists know that not every soap is suitable as the basis for the solution. During the development phase, we've carefully tested the soap base.
Its advantages while using it
as a soap base for a solution:

  • 1
    It has no smell that it a pleasant benefit for the artist and their audience.
  • 2
    It has a concentrated composition, that contributes to its economical usage.
  • 3
    It gently affects the hand skin due to its composition.
  • 4
    Price and economic feasibility. In comparison with other products you may spend less soap base for 5 liters of solution (375 g with our soap base and 500 g with other products).
To use Arista soap base as the basis for the soap bubble show solution you need to dissolve 375 g of it in 4700 ml of water. You can also add there the polymers that you usually use. Pay attention to the fact that you won't be able to inflate soap bubbles without using polymers. The solution for the soap bubble show consists of two parts: soap base and polymeric composition. Both parts are dissolved in water in certain proportions and then you can inflate bubbles.
  • Composition: water > 30%, anionic surfactants 15-30%, nonionic surfactant <5%, сіtric acid <5%, preservative <5%.

    Storage requirements: Keep away from a moisture and sunlights at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C.

    Shelf life is 24 months. The date of manufacture and the batch number are indicated on the package.

    Nominal capacity: 750 ml.

750 ml