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Cryo-show video tutorial

Video tutorials are send immediately after the payment has been received.

Cryo-show video tutorial
  • What you will get
    • Full practical course on cryo-show. I will show all the elements of the show and tell you how to do them.
    • You will receive advice on the selection of equipment and consumables. You will learn what props you can make with your own hands and what you need to buy. How you can save some money on cryo-props? Where to look for props and consumables, and what props I use.
    • You will receive a safety manual. How to avoid burns, unplanned explosions and other troubles.
    • You will learn how to create adult and children's cryo-show programs using the tricks I gave to you.
    • After 2-3 rehearsals, you can put on a show. A cryo-show does not require long practice, it is important to understand how it works and learn safety techniques.
    • Course duration - 2 hours and 20 minutes.

What is included in the course
  • Practical unit
    I will tell you about the experiments and show them. You will clearly see how to do each element of the show. You will understand the effect for the audience and will appreciate its spectacular character. You'll get my recommendations. We will look at all the tricks with dry ice, make a "heavy smoke generator", study nitrogen explosions and learn how to make different types of ice cream.
  • Theory unit
    We will analyze children's and adult programs. I will tell you how to create your individual cryo-show scenario so that it becomes interesting and unique.
  • Props review
    I will tell and show you what props you need. How to make them or where to buy. I will explain all the pros and cons of different types of props.
  • Safety unit
    I will talk about the main points that pose a danger during the show and preparation for it. You will learn how to make your show safe and what absolutely should not be allowed. If you comply with all measures, you will avoid unauthorized explosions, will not burn yourself and will not harm the audience.

Who is it for?
  • This course was compiled by me after many cryo-show programs.

    The elements of a cryo-show can be an addition to a bubble show, a paper show, animation, and more. Some elements of the show are even used by dance groups.

    A separate attraction can be a cryo bar, in which your viewers and their guests can treat themselves to cooling drinks and different types of ice cream prepared before their eyes.

    If you are focused on organizing and holding a show, then you need to clarify the availability of consumables in your city. They are liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Be aware that they have a limited shelf life.

Liquid nitrogen
This ingredient can be stored for a long time in a special container - Dewar vessel.
  • Where to look for liquid nitrogen
    • Cryogenic plants.
    • There are also enterprises reselling nitrogen from large tanks. You can find them through the Internet.

Dry ice
Keeping it for a long time will not work. In the video tutorial, I will tell about the methods of "prolonging" the life of this substance.

Dry ice is transported and stored in special thermal containers.
  • Where to get them:
    • Practically in any hypermarkets in the summer.
    • From the company Polyus Kholoda ("Pole of Cold").
    • In online stores.
  • Where to buy dry ice
    • Cryogenic plants.
    • Enterprises engaged in cryoblasting.
    • Reselling companies. They can be found via the Internet.
  • What to do if there is no dry ice in your city
    • Order from neighboring cities. In this case, you need to know that there will be a large loss of ice. It evaporates very quickly.
    • You can make some using carbon dioxide in cans, using special devices. But note that the ice will be of a different quality.
All other components will be easy to find and purchase. I will tell you about it in detail during the course.

Approximate consumption for 1 show: 2-6 kg of dry ice, 3-10 liters of nitrogen, additional ingredients (500-1,000 rubles). It all depends on the scale of the event.