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Classic Set + video courses

Production time: 5-7 days

Kit price: $1878.00
In the set:
Video course price: $66.00
Video course price: $48.00

Who is this set for?
  • This set for those who want to have a good starting base, with the possibility of further expanding their list of requisite. With this set, you can make a full-fledged classic performance without a light table. This is the perfect set for those who want to start making a full-fledged soap bubble show by learning everything gradually. Over time, this set can be expended to the Maximum set by adding a light table, a vertical frame and other accessories. This is the most popular set in my price list. You can work on a high-quality level with it at adult and children's festive events.

What can you do with the set?
  • 1
    The set includes basic rackets of 10, 20, 30,52 and 65 cm in diameter, for making small, medium and large bubbles. The set also includes a full-fledged "Street triangle" and "Grid", which can be used both outside and indoors.
    Bubblemaker small
    Rain from bubbles indoors and outdoors is made by a small bubble maker, beautiful long segmented trains are made by a 52 cm sectional racket, and a Heart racket is provided for thematic photo shoots.
  • 2
    The transformer table is equipped with several tiers, which allows you to place a sufficient number of accessories in it. This is a universal product that combines the functions of a table for requisite and a table for containers. The set includes three containers: a plate with a diameter of 33 cm and two cans with a volume of 2.5 l., the diameter of the cans is 105 mm and the depth of 24 cm. All rackets with a diameter of more than 30 cm should be dipped in a floor bowl. The table height is adjustable from 78 cm to 102 cm. The advantages of this product are: mobility, light weight, easy to assemble, aesthetic outlook on the stage. It takes 60 seconds to assemble the table.
  • 3
    To work with rackets of more than 30 cm in diameter, the set includes a 70 cm bowl on wheels. The bowl has a spout for easy draining soap solution and a thick bottom, which allows you to avoid deflection while draining the liquid. Also the bowl still has light weight. Large trails that start from the floor look longer and more spectacular.
  • 4
    Smoke bubbles
    The other advantage of this set is the smoke machine. The use of smoke in a soap bubble show always increases its level of staginess and audience interest. Smoke bubbles allow you to double the number of tricks with soap bubbles. They are popular both at children's parties and during performances in front of an adult audience.
  • 5
    "Man inside the bubble" set
    Of course the set includes the kit for putting people inside the soap bubble. In this set, the diameter of the tray is 95 cm. The tray is equipped with wheels, that's why it's convenient to move it on the stage. Two adults or 3-4 children can be easily fit into the tray of such size.
  • 6
    To make the performance safe and make you feel comfortable in the work area, the set includes three mats. Using them, you can create a work area with the size of 4.5 by 2 meters. On a platform of this size can be easily accommodated all the equipment included in this set: a floor bowl, a "Man inside the bubble" and a dipping ring.
  • 7
    For convenience, the set includes covers for the table, "Man inside the bubble" and mats.
  • 8
    The set also includes a concentrate for making 35 liters of soap solution.

  • Hand bubble tricks
    Performing hand bubble tricks is always fascinating. Bubbles appear out of nowhere. Tricks and bundles seem like the work of an illusionist.

    In this video course there are bubble show elements and tricks performed with hands, ropes and tubes. There are tricks without rackets. Smoke is used in many elements. This block also contains elements with fire.
  • Working with rackets and giant bubbles
    Working with rackets is the basic skill of any bubble show performer. This is the most extensive video tutorial. You can create a full-fledged program based on it. Giant bubbles always fascinate and amaze with its unreality.

    You will find tricks with rackets of various diameters and configurations in this video course. Many tricks require a smoke generator and an equipment for fire bubbles. You can also see how to work with giant bubbles, street props and various tricks of people inside the bubble in this course.