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  • Technique of working with bubbles (practice)
      • Hand bubbles
      • Tricks with medium bubbles
      • Skills of working with accessories: smoke, fire, foam, steam
      • Giant bubbles: plumes, immersion, winding
      • Work with street props
      • Work on the light table
      • Work with the steam generator.
    • Training: creating a program and holding an event
        • How to build a room for different age categories
        • Interaction with leading and sound engineers at events
        • The event in kindergarten and school
        • Wedding features
        • Job assistant and its main functions.
      • Image Creation Recommendations
            • Tips on the selection of a suit
            • How should build a music track
            • The image as a whole: makeup, hairstyle, demeanor.Marketing and promotion
          • Marketing and promotion
                • Recommendations for creating a portfolio: photos and videos
                • Interaction with holiday agencies and presenters
                • Advertising in print media
                • Outdoor advertising
                • Promotional events
                • Social networks and the Internet
                • How to plan your advertising budget.
              • Attending events (practice)
                    • Attend one or two events
                    • Analysis of the work with the audience
                    • Analysis of our work with the site staff
                    • Analysis of work with the customer
                    • Analysis of the work assistant.
                  • Analysis of the bubble market of your city
                        • The strengths and weaknesses of colleagues
                        • Pricing.