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Animation program with elements of the bubble show "Journey to Bubble-Burg"


  • What is the essence of the program?
    Little viewers will get into a magic land called "Bubble-Burg", but there was a disaster - the magic soap source ran out. So the country was renamed Sad-Burg, and the soap king became sad. And who can help? Of course you and your little viewers! That's our plot line.
  • Who was this program created for?
    First of all, we have developed the program for animators who work in children's play centers and kindergartens. But our "Bubble-Burg" is appropriate for any children's holidays.
  • Who is the main character?
    The king of our country Bubble-Burg, but you will never see Him. You will definitely hear him. This character will be present at the site throughout the entire performance and talk about his Kingdom in an audio recording.
  • Animator's role in the program
    You can play any character. This is very convenient. For example, the customer wants Trolls to be in the program. Rosette or Tsvetan goes to Bubble-Burg. And if you play Fixic, then he will also visit our king.
  • What is the duration of the program?
    The duration of your performance and number of blocks with bubbles are up to you. If you don't have enough experience yet, don't delay - perform your tricks right away! Let your blocks with soap bubbles last for 1.5 - 2 minutes. If you have what to show, then feel free to extend them, the program will only benefit from this.
  • What kind of music accompanies the program?
    We created a unique musical accompaniment. It is not tied to any fairy-tale hero. That is an absolute plus.

What do we offer you?
  • Scenario
    You can't do without it.
  • Music
    16 tracks that have a recording of the king's voice and a musical background for you. By the way! This is an animation program - you will need to talk.
  • Active game and puzzles
    Children will be active participants in the action.
  • Designs of decorations
    They are also included in the package. You can print them out in any place where they print on the fabric.
  • Video comment
    In it, I will tell you how to better implement our idea.

What is all this for?