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  • A lamp is an universal accessory that can be used in many various ways. It's useful not only for bubble show artists, but also for any other representatives of event-sphere.
  • Where can you use the lamp?
    1. Of course, you can use it in your soap bubble shows. It helps to perform a great trick with colorful smoky bubble.

    2. You may also use it while interacting with an audience. Moreover, it will be a great detail of both children's and adult's celebrations. For instance, we give the lamp to a birthday boy and then inflate a foam cake or a smoky bubble on it, which the boy bursts and doesn't even wet his hand.

    3. One more usage is at a photo shoot session. You will get great bright pictures.

    4. You may also use it at the gender reveal party. When it's time to find out the gender of the child, you may inflate the bubble and turn on the lamp of the color required.

    Our lamp is a mini glowing table. Using it you may perform a lot of spectacular tricks.

    We recommend you to buy at least two lamps so that it will be more confident for you to use them while interacting.
  • Technical features.
    • The lamp has a waterproof body frame that is made on the basis of the body frame of the smoke generator and has been tested by time and thousands of performances. This frame has proven itself to be extremely airproof, that's why it doesn't break due to the ingress of moisture.
    • Everything is airproof in the lamp: buttons, spaces behind the glass, a lid with two rubber bands to improve protection from moisture.
    • The lamp glows brightly with blue and red light, which is perfectly visible through the smoke and foam. There are various buttons to turn on different colors. They are located to the right and left of the frame.
    • The lamp is powered by an 18650 lithium-ion battery. It's not included in the package, as there are some problems to ship it abroad. The battery should be purchased additionally either on our website, or by your own. You may buy it at any vaper store or order from an online-store. Pay attention! The battery should be without additional protection. It's so called unprotected battery.
    • The battery is charged from a simple micro USB charging wire. The wire is also not included in the packag
    We've installed powerful LEDs on the lamp. And not to make the lamp heat up, we've designed an aluminum radiator at the top of the lamp, which dissipate the heat.

    The lamp is provided disassembled with loose glass. Rubber bands are included in the package. You need to put them into the groove at the top of the lamp. Then you need to remove the protective firm from both sides of the glass, attach the glass to the frame and screw it with four screws with a small Phillips screwdriver. For more information, watch our video instruction.

    We recommend you to disconnect one of the contacts from the battery after each usage and while transporting to protect the lamp from premature discharge.

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220 g
Frame material
Only black
The assembly is 18x18x12.4 cm