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Nozzle for steam generator


  • It's not a secret that you need to use a steam generator to create a fascinating effect of floating soap bubbles. It turns water into hot steam, allowing white and beautiful bubbles to easily rise into the air. When illuminated by spotlights, magic bubbles in steam acquire additional charm due to the glow in various colors.

    We prefer to use Kärcher steam generators, as they provide the stable flow of steam without any
    hitches. It's very convenient in operation.

    How do you perform this trick and impress the audience? It's pretty simple: you need to pass steam
    through the film and fill the bubble with smoke.

    Artists more often work with a steam generator on a glowing table. Rarely they inflate bubbles with
    steam directly from the tube without using the table. A tube with 50 mm diameter or more is suitable for both options. However, it's worth mentioning that a regular tube can inflate a maximum of 5-8 bubbles. This is due to the fact that a small amount of a solution remains on the tube after dipping, it' snot enough for the film to work longer.

    However, we've found the solution to this problem. We introduce you a tube with increased
    absorbency. It prolongs the life of a film and, consequently, you can inflate bigger amount of bubbles.
Advantages of the nozzle:
  • Efficiency. The nozzle constantly adds the solution to the film and you can inflate a large number of bubbles.
  • Versatility. It can be used both on a glowing table and separately.
  • Ease of use. You just need to dip the nozzle into the solution, place it against the tube of the steam generator, and you can start to make your magic.
  • Recommendations for use:
    - We recommend you to immerse the tube in the solution for at least half of its length. For instance, if the tube is 33 cm long, immerse it from 15 to 20 cm.

    - At the beginning of the trick, hold the tube parallel to the floor and gradually increase its declination downward, so that the solution flows evenly to the tip of the racket and feeds the film.

    - While working on a glowing table, you need to hold the tube parallel to the floor, then smoothly move it to the more vertical position.

    - To perform successfully in front of the audience, you need some time to train, to understand how to work with a steam generator, and to receive the necessary experience and skill.

    - To make the steam flow more stable, I recommend you to release a certain amount of steam for 5-10 seconds to warm up the steam supply hose and reduce the pressure to the working one.

    More detailed recommendations and instructions you may find in the video dedicated to the specifics of using the nozzle.

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370 g
The assembly is Length: 35 cm Width: 8 cm Height: 8 cm