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Mini Kit

Production time: 5-7 days

Weight: 5306 gr

  • Hand bubbles
    For hand bubbles the set includes a pail for hands dipping. Your hands can perform a lot of tricks, for examples, bubbles of up to 30 cm in diameter.
  • Wands
    The set has props for small and medium-sized bubbles. Like 10, 20, 30 cm wands. To dip these wands, you will a deep plate of 35 cm in diameter. Also, there is is a set of tubes for various tricks. You will be able to make the Caterpillar, the Carousel, blow-ins, the Fishnet, the Tennis. 30-centimeter wand can make sleeves and the Spacesuit.
  • What of the giants?
    Besides, the set includes the outdoor props, but this set's props are capable of making giants. Since there are no have large diameter wands in this set for bubbles. This tool is also dipped in the pail for hand bubbles.
  • Will you be able to put people inside a bubble?
    To put people inside a bubble the set has an 80 cm diameter tray and a wand to go with it. The tray in this set has no wheels, of course, but if you wish we can add them. To do this, you need to specify it in the order. This tray can accommodate both children and adults. The large hoop from the tray can make free-flying giant bubbles of 1 to 3 meters.
  • Cases
    For the convenience and safety of transportation all props are packed inside a rigid cover.

Who is this set for?
  • I tried to make the set so that it is the most affordable and has:

    • props for people inside bubble act;
    • the ability to make giant sleeves of bubbles;
    • the possibility of performing small tricks.

    This kit is suitable for those who want to somehow diversify their core activities. In my opinion, this set is not suitable for an adult audience, only for children. If necessary, you can expand the set with DIY products: gasoline and froth tube.

Limitations when working with the set
  • 1
    Soap bubble trails (loops) of modest size
    The trails (loops) will be quite modest and monotonous, because only one wand 30 centimeters is provided for them and street props.
  • 2
    No light table, no bubble-makes, no foam wands
    Included no light table. There are no bubble makers (neither big nor small) in the set, so you won't be able to make bubble rain. No foam wands.
  • 3
    No working table
    Included no table in the set. You will need to have your own table or ask for it at the venue.
  • 4
    Age limit
    The set is only suitable for children's events, not for grown-ups.
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Recipe pack
Mini Kit + Detergent recipe

Property cost $250.00
Solution Recipe Cost $90.00
Total $340.00

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Recipe package and video courses
Mini Kit
+ Detergent recipe
+ Main Video Course

Property cost $250.00
Solution Recipe Cost $90.00
Main Video Course $40.00
Total $380.00

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