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  • The appearance of a compact, thin and stylish luminaire in the list of props for soap bubble shows allows the artists to make their performance special, to add charming flecks to your bubbles and to make the stage look special.
  • It weights only 350 g, the height of mantled luminaire is 125 cm, of dismantled one is 115 cm.
    It doesn't take much space in the trunk and on the stage. The luminaire can be fixed firmly on a tripod. The construction is simultaneously stable and very mobile.
  • The new prop is full of new various effects. There are 10 of them in total. The main and the most spectacular one is the rainbow effect on the bubbles. It's what we want to have while performing in rooms with artificial lighting. Different colours are reflected in bubbles and you can see bright spots. They are very similar to iridescent play of colours. The luminaire has multicoloured areas that move vertically from bottom to top. It adds dynamics to your performance.

    Multicoloured flecks on the bubbles really remind those of natural sunlight.
  • Using a remote control, you can set a single colour mode for highlighting with green, blue, red or white colour. Also you can change the colours with the app on your phone. There is also a mode that can react to the sounds. The luminaires change the colour according to the music or claps. You can use this mode when you interact with children by sharp sounds (like clapping, shouting, etc.).
The play of colours is extremely effective when you perform tricks with giants, bubble tails and when you work with a vertical frame.

Different location of the luminaires can create various visual effects.

  • Do you want to have flecks on your soap film? It's easy. You need to place the luminaire between the artist and the audience so that the lights falls on the artist.

    Any arrangments of such light will make your program special, will make it brighter and more spectacular, and will make the stage look more unusual.
  • There is no clear-cut answer to the question: "How many luminaires do we need for the show?". It depends on your concept and budget. The more luminaires, the more flecks. We can start with one, but we recommend you to buy an even number of luminaires to have a symmetry. That will help you to make the stage more harmonious. You can choose one, two, three or four luminaires. All of them can work in the same mode, that looks astonishing.
  • You can use a 220V power supply network or any power-bank for power supply. However, the power adapter for plugging into an outlet is not included in the package. You may use any power adapter that has a USB output. Or you can buy a new one. We've conducted tests and recomend you to use power adapters from 3 amps. They give a brighter glow.
  • The luminaire is packed in a firm cardboard tube that protects it during the shipment.

350 g.
Height 115 cm. Assembled 125 cm .
Plastic, metal