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KIB (kid in a bubble) 95 cm


  • This set has a diameter of 95 cm on the outer edge. Racket is 90 cm in diameter. The weight of the set is 1700 g. The pallet is made one-piece without seams. Height: 4.5 cm Width of the gutter: 5 cm. The set includes wheels.

    There are special platforms for the wheels that are mounted on the pallet, in which the wheels should be screwed. Each wheel should be screwed with 2 bolts.

  • The set includes a racket with a diameter of 90 cm. The base of the racket is metal frame. The racket is covered with a patented "bead coating". The handle of the racket is covered with fabric, which allows you to avoid sliding.

    The color of the set is black
  • It has light weight, it's narrow and, due to the narrow gutter, you can pour a small amount of solution in it. The pallet will withstand if someone steps on. The pallet is made of black plastic, it will definitely not peel off with the time. The "beaded coating" of the racket allows you to inflate long trails directly from the pallet. Using it you can make blowouts. The diameter of this pallet allows you to put 2 adults in a soap bubble at once. This set is recommended for artists who perform for adult audience.
  • The tray is equipped with a drain spout, which allows you to create a direction while draining the liquid. It's convenient.

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The outer diameter of the tray
95 cm
Hoop diameter
90 cm
Plastic, stainless steel
1700 g