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KIB (kid in a bubble) 80 cm


  • First of all, it's designed for artists who work on children's holidays and for entertainers. The pallet is not equipped with wheels and the installation of wheels is not provided.

    Side height – 4.5 cm
    Width of gutter – 5 cm.

    The pallet is made one-piece, without seams, it's made of black plastic.
  • Contents of the set
    The 74 cm racket that is made of metal.

    The set includes a racket (ring) of the same size for dipping.

    The base of the racket is a metal frame that has been passed anti-corrosion treatment. The circular part of the hoop is covered with a winding made of synthetic material, the handle is grooved and rubberized with a length of 20 centimeters. Usually buyers are interested in full "Man inside bubble" set, but there are some cases when customers need only a racket or only a pallet.

    The main advantages of this set are: light weight and small dimensions. We recommend you to buy a bag to carry it inside a case. You can put additional equipment in this case. The pallet is very solid, it

    won't break in case you step on it, also you can be not afraid to drop it. If a child steps on it, the pallet definitely won't break.

    The classic color of the set is black: both pallet and racket are black.

    The tray is equipped with a drain spout, which allows you to create a direction while draining the liquid. It's convenient.

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The outer diameter of the tray
80 cm
Hoop diameter
74 cm
Plastic, stainless steel
1400 g