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Dye for foam


  • Speciality of 2023 — the foam dye — will make long-expected foam parties even brighter, funnier and more desirable! Add colours to your celebrations to attract even more customers.

    Using a 500 ml bottle, you can paint 250 liters of solution to make red, blue, yellow or green foam. Choose the required color according to the customer request, emphasize the topic of the show and mix the effects.
    The dye is supplied in concentrated liquid form. Add the dye to the prepared soap solution and mix it. For every 50 liters of solution, use 100 ml of the dye. The dye is mixed easily in a few seconds and it doesn't create clots.
  • We recommend to use the dye with the Arista-foam concentrate of our manufacture. We supply it in the volume of 750 ml (per 100 liters of foam) and 3500 ml (for 500 liters of foam). We've confirmed the tests that have showed their perfect compatibility. The compatibility tests with foam concentrates from other manufacturers haven´t been carried out. We will be glad to receive feedback about this compatibility from you. We are 95% sure that it works with any foam concentrate.

Advantages of using the dye
  • 1
    It's easy to use. Add the dye to the solution and mix it.
  • 2
    The variety of colours. You have 4 colours to choose from. Bright colours will make the celebration even brighter.
  • 3
    The perfect duo from one manufacturer. You can buy both foam and dye from us.
  • 4
    It can be easily removed from surfaces and clothing.
  • We´ve tested the dye with cotton fabric.
    To perform this test, we´ve applied a prepared soap solution with a dye of different proportions to the fabric:
    In the first column, there is a normal solution with the proportions of 100 ml of dye to 50 liters of water.
    In the second column, we've added one and a half of the norm: 150 ml of dye to 50 liters of water.
    In the third column there are two norms: 200 ml of dye to 50 liters of water.
    In the last column you may see how the concentrate itself colors the fabric without dilution.
  • After applying the samples, the fabric was dried. After 2 hours, the fabric sample was washed at 60°C with VkusVille detergent. As you can see, the test has shown that everything was washed off, except for traces of blue concentrate in undiluted form.
  • Tests with skin were also performed.
  • We've applied dye solutions in different proportion to the skin in the same order. We've washed the skin with Palmolive liquid soap 2 times. You can also see that the spot of the undiluted blue concentrate has remained.

  • Even despite the fact that it can be washed off easily, we recommend you to work with dyes in gloves. Although those who work with foam do not need to worry about cleanliness of their hands.

530 g.