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Case for animator's or transformer table


  • Case for the transformer table.

    The dimensions of the case are 85 cm x 55 cm I recommend transporting all products for the soap bubble show in special protective cases. First of all, they protect the requisite from dirt and will make process of transporting more convenient. The case is made of a dense moisture-proof fabric. The "tablet" form provides for full opening of the case, which allows you conveniently and quickly putting the table into the case, as well as easily wash it from inside. We see value in mobility, small weight and volume of requisite. The case will fit the table itself, the containers for the soap solution included as a set, several rackets and small containers with the soap solution or concentrate. In addition, during events requisite in cases look aesthetically pleasing. I not only transport my products in cases, but also store them in a warehouse in this way.

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600 g.
Synthetic fabric