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Bowl stand 70 cm

Production time: 5-7 days
Warranty 6 months

Warranty, exchange and return of items

  • A bowl stand is designed to install a 70 cm bowl on it.
    It's also suitable for other bowls of this diameter.
    To mantle the wheels, you don't have to get rid of the bowl.

    The height of the stand is 70 cm.
    We've optionally included 6 hooks for the rackets in the package.

    It's easy to deal dismantle. You can do this literally in two movements. During shipment, the whole structure can me dismantled into the components, but it's enough to fold it in half.

    The stand has 4 wheels to make it easy to move it around the stage.
    The stand is stable and mobile.

1840 g.
Only black
70 cm