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Arista Polymer


  • We present you our new product — a polymer for soap bubble show Arista Polymer.
    Preparing solution is very easy. Just add soap to warm water and mix it. Then pour the powder into this solution and mix it again. Make sure that the polymer powder hasn't stuck together during the first 5 minutes of dissolution.

    Performers need the solution not to be spoiled. Often thee are already preservatives in the detergents, but they are clearly not enough to preserve the prepared soap solution. Therefore, we've added preservatives for 5 liters of solution to the polymer package.

    We know that there are a number of performers that still can't switch to Arista concentrate and use Fairy, adding various powders to it. For them, we've created a simple solution with a number of advantages:
  • 1
    It's simple to prepare. Take a package, pour it into the detergent and mix it well. Make sure that there are no clots.
  • 2
    It has a cheap delivery. The package weight is only 12 grams.
  • 3
    As a powder, it is stored for a long time. Shelf life is 12 months.
  • 4
    As the solution, it is also stored for a long time. We've only checked the life shelf of one month for the prepared solution. It still works well.
  • One of the reasons to create the powder was the frequent requests of foreign colleagues. They appreciated the quality of Arista concentrate, but faced the problems with delivering large shipments of concentrate abroad.

    Now the foreign colleagues have the opportunity to use the soap base they used to use by adding our polymer into it. In addition, they can become our polymer sales representatives in any country.
Pay attention!
The solution is ready for use an hour after dilution. But it has its best properties after 4 hours of the beginning of the dilution.

During the process of dilution, it's necessary to stir the solution periodically so that the powder particles do not stick together, forming large clots.

6 g
Weight with packaging
8 g