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Arista is a foam concentrate solution for creating foam

3500 ml canister (500 liters of foam)
750 ml bottle (100 liters of foam)
  • Advantages of the concentrate
    1. Shipment cost. The concentrate doesn't have excess water that allows you to pay less for shipment. The concentrate is compressed by 2.5 times relatively to the usual proportions.
    2. An opportunity to try. The concentrate is available in containers of different volumes.
    It might be canister for 3500 ml, vials for 750 and 375 ml.
    3. The concentrate contains only soft surface-activated substances that are used for baby shampoos. All ingredients are biodegradable.
    4. The concentrate works with cold water. It was tested with water of 7°C temperature.
    5. The concentrate has been tested with hard water.
  • History of its creation
    The concentrate is developed by Lyudmila Darina's team and has been tested with KULeffectfoam foam cannons with the participation of their creator Dmitry Ustymets.

Before starting its development, we've interviewed several active organizers of foam parties. The questions was: "What qualities should an ideal foam solution have?"

What important qualities of the new product have we taken into account while developing:
  • Foaming. We should have a lot of foam.
    Everything is clear with this. Why do we need a solution if it can't make foam? We've tested about 10 different recipes and have chosen the most foamy one. We've refined it to the maximum. Below you can see the list of factors affecting foaming.
  • It stats fol a long time after making a foam.
    The most important factors that reduce its stability are sunlight, heat, wind that dries and bursts foam. And also participants of the event tramp it, move it, burst it.
  • It doesn't pollute the soil. It has biodegradable ingredients.
    We've taken the principle of environmental friendliness of the product at the very first stage of development. It's important for us not to burn out the grass and do not pollute soil with soap. All ingredients decompose from water and the sun a few days after use. The solution has been tested on ordinary low grass in the yard of the house. But the solution hasn't been tested for all types of lawn grass. Please, pay attention to that fact. Lawn grass is more whimsical.
  • The concentrate works properly with cold and hard water.
    It's important for us to make it work under any conditions. You know that the water of the customer may not be perfect. We've tested the solution with 7°C hard tap water.
  • You may work with it on foam generators of any power and type.
    There are foam generators based on wind blowing. They can blow foam by 3-4 meters. Sometimes, there are foam generators that can blow foam by 12 meters. Also there are foam generators that can be fixed to the ceiling. They are absolutely different. The only thing in common is that the foaming remains the same. Nozzle, grid and air flow. There are liquids on the market that do not work well with powerful cannons (from 2000 watts). The foaming is disrupted by a very powerful air flow. Foam just doesn't have time to form. We've tested our solution on different cannons. Everything works well.
  • It doesn't taste bitter and has a faint smell.
    Our foam is not bitter, but has a soapy taste. Some people can feel the smell of soap. Some people can feel nothing.
  • In case of contact with the eyes, it doesn't sting. It doesn't irritate the skin.
    We use ingrediants that will take to our children for shampoo or bath foam. Firstly, we've checked the documents. Then we've tested it on ourselves. Then we've tested in on children. Everything is all right.
  • It has a low shipping cost.
    The weight is less, the shipping is cheaper. The concentrate doesn't have excess water that allows you to pay less for shipment. The concentrate is compressed by 2.5 times relatively to the usual proportions.
  • There is an opportunity to try 50 or 100 liters.
    The concentrate is available in containers of different volumes for 50, 100, 500 liters of prepared solution.
  • You can pay less if you buy in bulk.
    We value long-term cooperation, as well as customers who buy more. Below you can see the information on discounts.
  • As a result, we've received an economical, eco-friendly and easy-to-use product that is already certified and ready to bring joy for the participants and organizers of foam events!
  • The concentrate is available in twovolumes:
    1. canister of 3500 ml for 500 liters of foam
    2. 750 ml vial for 100 liters of foam

    The more concentrate, the more profitable! Discount gradations
    If you buy Arista-foam from $200, you get a discount of 3%
    If you buy Arista-foam from $350, you get a discount of 5%
    If you buy Arista-foam from $500, you get a discount of 8%
    If you buy Arista-foam from $700, you get a discount of 10%
  • Recomendations
    1. Using warm and soft water you can make 50% more foam. Try not to use hard water, dirty water, as well as water from wells and any reservoirs. It might significantly reduce the volume and the quality of the foam. It has been tested that with soft and clean water the foam exists longer.

    2. For a good result, it's important to mix the prepared solution. We recommend to do it according to the instruction.

    3. The empty package should be rinsed with water, because a certain amount of concentrate remains on its walls.

    4. You can add more water than it's stated on the package. In this case the foam won't be so rich and light. Such foam will have a lower overall height, the foam will be heavy and watery. It will spread out to the sides. It will also have reduced time of being stable.

    5. The concentrate is quite thick and it requires good mixing. That's why we recommend pre-mixing of the concentrate with twice the amount of water to have a homogeneous consistency. Then the prepared solution should be poured into a large container and you should mix it properly for 1 minute.

    6. We do not recommend poring the thick concentrate directly into the container with water. In this case you might have a risk of concentrate being on the bottom of the container. It would be hard to mix it. Precautions: in a concentrated form it might be dangerous to your eyes, mucous membranes and skin. You should avoid direct contact with the concentrate. Do not swallow it and avoid its contact with eyes. In the case of a contact with eyes, rinse them with a plenty of water. Use gloves and glasses. Keep out of reach of children.

    7. Before making foam, always warn children and parents that the foam is not suitable for ingestion. The foam has a specific soapy taste.

What determines the volume of foam?
  • Below we have a list of the factors that affect foaming.
    The following text does not apply to any solution. This information is about foaming in general.
  • The composition of the solution.
    Of course, the initial soup solution has a great influence on foaming. The liquid forms foam well or poorly under the specified external conditions. In general, everything depends on the composition and applicability in the current conditions. Then let's discuss these conditions.
  • The temperature of the solution.
    The warmer the larger the foam volume. That's due to the fact that dissolved surfactants form a soap film faster and more efficiently in warm water. Water and surfactant molecules move faster and the film is created easier. But we should mention that it works for most solutions up to 50-60 °C. In the conditions with the high temperature the result may be different for different solutions.
  • Water hardness.
    In order to have a lot of foam, you need to activate all the molecules of surfactant that are included into the solution. But if water is hard, the calcium and magnesium cations react with surfactant molecules. Thus, there is less soap in the solution.
  • Air temperature.
    Cold air below 10°С cools the solution during the foaming. It may affect foaming.
  • Humidity of the air.
    The higher the humidity, the more foam. Firstly, dry air has a negative effect on foaming and then on the stability of the foam that was made.
  • Let's discuss the design of the equipment seperately
    There is an empirical dependence on several features of equipment design. Let's list some of them:

    a) The side of the holes of the grid
    b) The features of nozzle that moves the solution to the grid (the maximum amount of liquid per minute, spray spot)
    c) Air pressure on the grid
    d) The volume of air passing the grid per unit of time

    The ideal ratio of all these factors for the particular device makes it possible to achieve the maximum volume of foam. But the following factors may prevent you from reaching it.

    1. A very small holes of the grid prevents optimal solution or air movement. The foam will come out slowly. It wille be watery. You will have less foam.

    2. A very similar reason is when there is a little air supply, and the solution supply is large. Even if the grid has not very small holes, the foam will be watery and will have smaller effectiveness.

    3. A very big and strong air flow can prevent the foam from foaming in full scale. The flow might be so strong that the parts of the solution will fly out in the form of the initial liquid, without forming foam.

    4. A very big and strong air flow can burst foam at the outlet, after its formation. The foam will fly like snow. It's beautiful, but the final volume of foam on the flow will be less.