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Down payment for bubble shows.
To take or not to take?

Down payment for bubble shows. To take or not to take?

My articles are mainly dedicated to the props for bubble shows. Now, I would like to raise the issue of prepayments for the show. What do I usually do. If I take a prepayment for a show or not?

I often hear similar questions, including ones from my students, when they attend my bubble show training . Therefore, I will try to answer them in as much detail as possible.
Children holidays
I don't take a prepayment from regular customers who order children's birthday partie (Scripts For Children's Bubble Shows) or similar events outside peak holiday seasons. If you have a children's holiday, for example, in September – October, April – there will be no prepayment for the show. But if the children's holiday falls on the prom season, then I work on a prepaid basis.
Of course, we conclude an agreement with the client, we arrange everything officially.
Why, then, do I take a prepayment?
Well, because this is a holiday season, when a lot of orders are already there, I would not want to miss this time. As a result, you can stay without any orders at all.
This is your business, but personally I am pleased with my honest work, and only then I get my reward. I really love my work and get pleasure from it, but in the case of the holiday seasons, I want some security.
Adult events
Take for example the most common event – a wedding reception. Here I follow my rule – I do not take prepayment, but there are some separate cases. For example, beautiful dates – 08.08.08. or 11.11.11. Especially if they fall on a Friday.
By the way, about Friday, there are some nuances here too. If the date of the wedding is 12/12/15 – in this case I will take a prepayment. Of course, it will not be 100%; 1,000 rubles will be quite enough to insure yourself against the problem with the performance.
There are a couple more months when prepayment is relevant. This, of course, is the hot summer month of July, December. In July we have a lot of weddings. In the pre-Christmas time, I take an advance payment for all events: children's matinees, corporate events, etc. And here I do not ask for full payment, but only a part.

This rule does not apply to holiday agencies, with which I have been working for a long time. I trust them, they definitely won't let me down.
Whom will take a down payment from?
Suppose, I am invited to do a show by some organization.
Everything is arranged by the contract with the reward to be transferred to my account for my work. I will definitely ask for for a 100% prepayment to the current account or at least 50%. Because this money travel for a very, very long time, and this is not very pleasant waiting for an artist. I understand that they cannot immediately transfer money after the show, they will have to call, remind … I worry about it beforehand so that there are no offenses.
It is better to do the show in a good mood, then the audience will be satisfied. And I will be calm knowing that I do not work for a song.
Work with the city administration
Here, I also recommend taking an advance payment, if the money is transferred to the current account. If the payment for the show will be made in cash, then you can do without a down payment. In my case, with the city administration, I most often work on barter basis advertising my show.
It is most beneficial for me to perform at large events with a large number of spectators – these are my potential customers. I do not take money for it.
These are all the basic rules that I would like to share with you. Maybe for someone it will be a guide to action. After all, it is important not only how to do a show of soap bubbles, but also how to organize its technical side.
If a children's holiday is held beyond the peak holiday seasons, you can do without prepayment.
Proms season, pre-New Year period – prepayment is required.
A beautiful date for a wedding is a reason to take a small prepayment.
July and the end of December are also popular periods for weddings. Take a prepayment.
If you have to perform with the show with payment on the current account – ask to do it in advance. Or, you'll have to wait a long time.
Prepayment to the current account should be 50-100%.
It is better to work with the administration on barter terms – they offer you a mass event with lots of potential customers, you give them a beautiful and high-quality show in return.
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